FreedomPop Is Rapidly Changing How People Relate to Phones

Mobile World Live recently reported on something that will be of particular note to anyone interested in cellphones. They’re reporting on the expansion of a company known as FreedomPop. As the name suggests, FreedomPop has been making waves due to a unique business plan. They strive to provide the lowest possible prices on all of their service. In fact, they’ve been so successful in this endeavor that they provide some services at no charge at all. For example, they offer a limited amount of free voice and data to subscribers every month. Users then have the option of paying a low fee to get more minutes, or simply waiting until the next month brings more free service their way.

However, the service is quickly catching even more attention as it launches in Spain. The company is working with the WhatsApp program to offer even more free services. WhatsApp use will offer free voice and texting no matter how often it’s used. This is still somewhat limited by the nature of the app itself. But FreedomPop recently explained why Spain is in a unique position to leverage the WhatsApp service. While the app is popular everywhere, it’s adoption in Spain is unparalleled. It’s estimated that about 90 percent of texting in the country is done through WhatsApp. This means that any service adopting the app will have instantly tapped into how the majority of people already use their phones. This has allowed the company to take a very different approach than they do in the US and UK.

This innovative method of offering free service is one of the things which has really defined FreedomPop. They’ve traditionally considered every market as a unique area that calls for a unique implementation of their service. The company currently has plans for more experimental services as well, and these can be sampled by people who make it into the beta testing program.


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George Soros Lays Out How He Would Pay For Refugee Care

Refugees are coming into Europe whether the governments of the EU like it or not, and they are going to be much better off if they reconcile on the fact that these people are going to want to stay. Sending people home or just whipping up fear is not going to help anyone, and George Soros has a plan that will help the Europeans deal with their problems. George Soros has been critical of Europe a lot of times in the past, and he wants them to learn from their mistakes so that they will not find themselves wondering what happened when they cannot care for all their refugees.

Governments come up with spending plans all the time, and it is smart for these countries to have a spending plan that is just for the refugees. Every refugee needs to get some kind of help according to George Soros, but it has to be with the understanding that those people are putting down roots. It is going to help people get jobs or start companies, and they can become members of the community where they move. There are a lot of people on who want to move into a small community where they can start over, but there are going there with nothing to start with. These refugees have no prospects unless they are going to be given some help by each government.

The governments that are sending people away are just sending them to another country that might or might not handle their own responsibility. George Soros has seen the EU drag its feet before, and he does not want them to keep doing that because he knows that they might. They have to start paying for what they should, and they need to give every refugee a chance to become a European. There is room in the world for these people, but that only works if each country has a plan.

George Soros has tried to talk to a lot of people in the EU who are in power, and he has been talking about them in the press like he did with The New York Review of Books. He wants these world leaders to know that people are watching them, and he is willing to talk to any leader who does not know what to do with the refugees they have. The refugees have to be given some kind of assistance, and it would be foolish to think that these people can pick up their lives without any help.

The refugee problem in Europe is a problem that all the countries in the EU are going to have to pay for. They have to make sure that they are paying a fair share to help these people, and they also need to make sure that they are helping in any way they can. The refugees who are coming in have something to give, but they need help. George Soros just wants to see the EU step up and be responsible for people who need help.

VTA Publications Teaches an Important Lesson

Admitting when you are wrong is a challenge for most people. Regardless of the circumstances most people have a hard time telling others that they are right. This fact even often result in criticizing them. Many of do this often without even noticing it. Unfortunately it can be done to those we love the most. It may seem to boost a persons own ego to find fault in other people. The VTA article “Trouble Awaits if You do this,” makes it clear that this is the wrong approach. The article uses the analogy of being on a team and viewing such people as possible recruits. We face the daily dilemma of working with such people or against them.

This article continues to point out if you get others to work with you make friends. Ultimately people you feel may be in your way can form a beneficial alliance. They ultimately can help you achieve your goals. Choose to see the positive in these people and it could make your live easier.

VTA Publications is among the leaders in distance learning courses. Started in 2012, this company produces products and services for thousands of people across the globe. VTA is well known for creating courses that are easy to understand and that covert topics like investment, retirement and stock trading. According to their website their mission is to provide customers with cutting edge information both digitally and physically, specializing in economics and finances.

VTA produces a variety of coursework in both dvd and print format. They are competitive with any of the current online formats around. The company prides itself on providing experts in their field from around the world Furthermore they company also serves as a booking agent for seminars and events around the world. VTA is an excellent resource for learning and growing in the world of finance.  Find more information on their offerings at the website, or on

Why Talk Fusion’s Month-long Free Trial is Causing Excitement

Talk Fusion, which has in recent times emerged as a pacesetter in video communication has initiated its long awaited month-long free trial. The service is available in nine languages and covers more than 140 countries. Its launch means that Talk Fusion’s potential clients can try out this new technology for thirty days with no user charges. The inauguration comes after year-long discussions and planning, which involved a lot of policy making and hard work.

The firm’s management is buoyed by the endless possibilities that this video marketing service gives its users. The trial period is meant to familiarize them with the product and give them an in-depth understanding about the efficacy of the tool in promoting their businesses. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina emphasizes that the product has no equal due to its user friendliness in addition to other unique features. He further adds that offering it for free is a way of promoting other products that are offered by the firm.

How to Sign Up for the Product

Individuals and organizations that want to use the video marketing application can sign up by visiting Talk Fusion’s website. They are only required to provide their names and email addresses. Once they sign up, those who want to use the free trial platform can send video emails, circulars and even hold live meetings. Users start taking note of the numerous advantages of this application the moment they sign up. The tool come with free tutorials, which help enhance user satisfaction and understanding of the system. This cutting edge technology has made Talk Fusion stand out from other video content distributors.

About CEO Bob Reina

The former police officer founded Talk Fusion in 2007 after his earlier attempts to embed videos in emails were laughed off. This made Reina consult a friend with vast computer knowledge and together, they designed a prototype that later developed into a video messaging tool.

His shrewd leadership has seen the company blossom into the seventh biggest online video content provider. As a policeman, Bob Reina worked in the Florida Police Department and stood out as a dedicated law enforcer. He attended the University of South Florida and the Tampa Police Academy.

Learn more about Bob Reina on the Talk Fusion Blog

Laidlaw & Company-Redefining Investment Banking

Laidlaw & Company is a legal firm with its headquarters in New York. Its main purpose is to offer investment banking and wealth management services to individuals and institutions both in the United Kingdom and in the United States. The major investment banking services include the following:

• Acquisition financing

• Raising Capital through placement of equity with institutional and high net worth retail investors

• Arranging national exchange listings

• Debt placement and mezzanine capital with institutional investors

• Initial public offerings

• AIM-listed transactions in the United Kingdom market

• The United States trading markets

Laidlaw’s investment banking services also include providing:

• Advisory services on divestitures, acquisitions, and fair opinions,

• Going private transactions,

• Financial restructuring and balance sheet optimization,

• Management-led buyouts,

• Alternative investments,

• Strategic alliances,

• Mergers,

• Joint venture and strategic partnership transactions,

• Recapitalization and stock repurchases.

Moreover, the company has wealth management services consisting of:

• Investment advisory services,

• Portfolio management,

• Financial planning

The company effectively carries out all its duties and functions because it has a strong management team. Recently according to a PR Newswire report, Laidlaw & Company announced the expansion of its London-based office by adding two more members to the senior executive positions. The two members include Bryan Kobel- Managing Director in Equity Capital Markets and Richard Michalski-Senior Managing Director in Wealth Management.

Bryan joined the firm in March 2012 from a small cap consulting company while Richard joined in November 2010 as a senior managing director. Previously he was working for Aegis Capital as a Senior Vice President. Since he joined the company, Bryan has played a key role assisting in the development of the US capital markets presence of Laidlaw.

The team has been set to build on the existing infrastructure and client base in the wealth management department. The team also offers European healthcare companies and investors easy access to the US capital markets.

What You Need to Know About Fabletics Marie Claire

Kate Hudson was recently featured in Marie Claire Magazine. She shared some information on her fabulous new line of clothing that is perfect for the girl that likes to take life easy. Kate Hudson is the Fabletics co-founder and she has plenty to say about affordable casual wear that you can take on the town or wear to the beach. Hudson is about to drop a line of athleisure dresses on the public in April, along with a line of swim-wear due out in mid April.

Casual Wear

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics. Fabletics is all about casual wear. Her new line of casual dresses are sure to please her customers and fans. Her new line of athleisure dresses are a perfect model for the company’s philosophy of keeping things casual.

The dress is remarkably stylish and easy to slip on and wear out on the town to dinner or on a casual date with your friends. The dresses are super comfortable and made out of the same high performance material that is familiar to her Fabletics’ customers. Kate Hudson promises that the casual dresses will do much for a girl’s figure. They will slim and trim all those little bumps and provide a smoother appearance.

New Swim Suits

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is also in the process of bringing a new swimsuit to their fans. The new bathing suits are designed with the active girl in mind. The girls wearing the bathing suits are able to run, swim, and play without feeling uncomfortable. Women should feel very safe, secure, sexy, and comfortable in the new line of bathing suits. Kate Hudson states in the Marie Claire article that her main focus is on providing affordable fashions for active women. She believes that her fashions are reasonably priced and premium quality.


Kate Hudson is a well known actress and the co-founder of Fabletics. Fabletics is a company that provides affordable luxury athletic wear for women. The clothes they provide are very stylish and high quality. Get started by taking a quiz to match you up with your style.

Clothes are presented to you that match your personal clothing taste. Make your selections and enjoy the convenience of having your purchases delivered straight to your front door. Those that become VIP members receive extra perks, savings, and a special price for their first outfit purchased. Fabletics is providing a way to stay in style without all the high prices.

How Trauma Survivors Come To Terms

It is very common for someone to experience some kind of trauma. However, there are certain parts of the world where traumatic experience are abundant. These parts happen to be in certain Asian territories. North Korea is one of them. Yeonmi Park is one person that has endured a lot of trauma and she has shown one can undergo years of unimaginable trauma and still turn it into something positive. However, survivors of trauma do need help and guidance to come to terms with what happened. One of the best things that they can do is decide what they are going to do with what they have learned.

Yeonmi Park recounts her story in an interview that has been released on She has also went on plenty of other interviews and was open about the heartbreak that she has gone through. She has also talked about her struggles with forgiveness and her feelings toward the situation in North Korea as well as the traffickers. One thing that helps her move forward is the ability to look back on some of the positive people in her life like her father and her family. This is one thing that has helped her move forward from all that she has gone through.

Yeonmi Park has eventually decided that her freedom isn’t enough for her. She wants to move forward towards setting others free in North Korea and expose the oppressive rule of the Kim Dynasty. The Kim Dynasty rules North Korea in an extremely controlling manner. Among the issues that Yeonmi was faced with was the famine. She has said that the famine has caused her to leave. If there was enough food in the country, she would’ve been happy with staying. Thousands of readers continue to be horrified by the Kim Dynasty and yet inspired by the Yeonmi Park’s spirit.


Investment Banking Has A Unique Operating Structure

The type of banking that is done in many banks across cities both large and small is common to millions of people. Many people have local banks where they handle a variety of banking tasks on a daily basis. However, for small and large corporations, the type of banking that is done is generally different than the typical banking conducted in a local bank.

Investment banking, which is often referred to as corporate banking, is structured in a unique manner. The structure concerning investment banking is broken into three distinct areas. The areas are investment banking division, sales and training, and asset management. While both small and large investment banks can utilize all three areas, usually only large investment banks contain all three structure areas.

Investment banking as a whole is a structure that is flexible and fast pace. One of the primary reasons that the structure is set this way is because corporations are constantly in a state of change. Since many investment banks cater to corporations, the banks need to be able to adjust to the quick movements of the corporate world.

Corporate clients tend to want a bank where they can accomplish a variety of financial matters using one bank. The structure of investment banking works well in this situation. The three structure areas that comprise investment banking provides the opportunity to offer a wide range of banking services for corporate clients.

In addition, investment banking revolves around corporate relationships. People come and go within corporations, but the corporate relationships remain a constant with investment banks. This is much different than the typical local bank where personal relationships are encouraged.

An investment banker who understands how the investment banking industry works is Martin Lustgarten. As an investment banker, Martin Lustgarten has made a name for himself in the banking industry. He is the founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is an investment banking firm.

Martin Lustgarten manages the daily operations for Lustgarten Martin. As the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, he has accumulated an impressive list of clients. His firm provides a variety of investment banking services that help small and large corporations. Visit his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s been into lately.

Kevin Seawright Prepares Young People For College With Summer Jobs

Each high school student in Newark, New Jersey now has an opportunity to have a summer job, thanks to the initiative launched by Kevin Seawright. His plan is to give a six-week summer job to those Newark students planning to attend college after graduating from high school. The jobs will train the students in the real working world, to gain experience in the job market, save money, and learn to manage their income well. Seawright has also upgraded this program this year, not only to offer more jobs, but also to get the student workers educated in money management and associated processes, such as obtaining and balancing a bank account.

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC). The plan is to offer 3,500 jobs, which will run from the 5th of July until the 16th of August. Basic personal checking and savings account training for the students will be part of the program. Seawright reports from his Twitter that over 350 applications have been received. Thanks to online automation that he was instrumental in setting up, the application process has been simplified and streamlined from approximately 6 weeks down to 30 minutes. He says he and the whole CEDC team are quite proud to help give the city’s youth hope for the future.

The overall plan that Seawright has implemented through the NCEDC is to increase college graduate rates for the area. Along with some on job training, the students will receive a series of lectures to encourage and equip them for college life. Seawright explained in an announcement that it is important for college success that high school seniors learn a good work ethic, start their work resumes through the program, and acquire basic skills with their finances.

At NCEDC Kevin Seawright is Executive Vice President as well as the CFO. The NCEDC serves the city of Newark in many ways, all of which are aimed at increasing economic viability of the city. Formerly, Seawright was the Facilities Officer and CFO for the state of Maryland’s Departments of Recreation and Parks. He has worked on projects with budgets in the hundreds of millions. He has long worked with educational organizations in planning and finance.

DEVCO Just Keeps Going

In 1976, New Brunswick was a rough neighborhood. Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson were the only bright spots in this dismal urban setting. When gambling was legalized in 1976, New Brunswick and Atlantic City decided to upgrade and refurbish their neighborhoods. Atlantic City wanted casinos. New Brunswick set up a private development corporation.

Since that time, Atlantic City has lost so much of its casino money, apparently due to mismanagement, that the State of New Jersey will probably do a take-over. Yet at the same time, New Brunswick cut its crime statistics in half and built 7 million square feet of commercial space. DEVCO, New Brunswick Development Corporation, started with government buildings, educational facilities, and then they moved on to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Rutgers University has undergone construction on everything from dorms, apartments, libraries, to classrooms. In 2012, the New Brunswick Wellness Plaza was completed, which signaled an end to Phase 2 of the project.

Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center is one of the newer projects. Casino Redevelopment Development Authority shelled out $20 million in loans to fund the hotel and conference center. The loan was made to DEVCO, a nonprofit organization. The problem is that the hotel has not been solvent enough to keep up its loan payments. The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has defaulted to the tune of $7 million. The Press of Atlantic City reports that although certain groups are alarmed by the disclosure, CRDA points out that they deal in high-risk loans and they knew they might have to wait longer to collect.