The Roots And History Of The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a spiritual headquarters for those who are going on a journey for knowledge. It is often misnamed as a religion, but Kabbalah is a search for the truth. This article explains how Philip and Karen Berg started the Kabbalah Centre to help people with a similar need for knowledge, and there is an explanation of how Kabbalah is used to study spirituality.

#1: The Founders Started With One Office

Philip and Karen Berg started the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, and the Centre has expanded to include several offices around the world. Their offices are a place where knowledge may be sought, and they are a place for contemplation of the knowledge of religion and spirituality. The Kabbalah Centre is not a church, but it is a place where scriptures are kept, students are given a space to study and the Berg family provides a staff that aids in the study of religion.

#2: How Has The Family Grown The Centre?

The Berg children are now considered the spiritual leaders of the Centre, and the family helps keep an even keel at the Centre where generations have come to study. There are offices around the world where study may be completed, and the Kabbalah Centre improves its library every year to include the most relevant literature on the subject.

#3: What Literature Is Included?

The bible, torah and other holy books are used in the Kabbalah Centre. Their brand of mystic study does not rely on a certain religion to focus itself, and students who are at the Kabbalah Centre will become familiar with several different types of literature during their studies. There is no one way to think, but students will come close to the presence of God in the Centre. Students who are seeking true spirituality will find it in their studies at the Centre.

The goal of the Kabbalah Centre and the Berg family is to bring people as close to God as possible. God is floating all around us, and the intensive study at the Kabbalah Centre helps result in a new presence of mind that includes God in all things.

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Andy Wirth Discusses the Future

Press Play with Madeleine Brand on the KCRW radio station recently did a story that discussed the impact of the drought on the West Coast. One of the main interests of Madeleine Brand was to find out how the drought in California has been affecting the winter sports industry as there are many well known and beautiful resorts located in areas all around Northern California.

In order to learn more about this industry, Ms. Brand asked to interview Andy Wirth, a prominent businessman in the Tahoe region who is the proud owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. This ski resort has been passed down in the Tahoe region for over 70 years until 2010 when it came into the hands of Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth has invested millions of dollars in renovation efforts that have continued to improve this business and have brought in countless visitors to the business.

Within the past two years, Californians have decreased their water consumption by over 27 percent. though households have been widely affected, Madeleine Brand wanted to learn more about the skiing industry. Madeleine Brand wanted to know specifically whether or not winter sports in California could survive a continuous drought. As the guest speaker, Andy Wirth was able to provide his expertise on the matter.

During the interview, Andy Wirth admitted that his ski resort had decreased by 20 percent in the total number of visitors. Though this percentage may seem like a large drop, this is lower then what was initially expected. Despite this drop, the ski resort is still profiting handsomely.

When asked as to how many winters the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth responded calmly by stating that his ski resort would be able to last an infinite amount of winters. Even with the drought, success is still an option to any business that is involved in winter sports.

Though it may involve creativity, winter sport industries can even thrive. Andy Wirth knows that his resort could withstand an infinite amount of dry winters not only because of his 6,000 acres of offered lands, but also because of the new investments that he has made in the snow making industry.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth is excited for this opportunity to show his skills in adapting to any given situation. Not only is his resort consuming less water, but Mr. Wirth has also been making further investments in renewable energy.

Though this may be an expensive investment, the results will make it cheaper for everyone and cleaner for the environment. During this interview, Press Play learned that despite weather issues, the successful businesses are the businesses that overcome these issues and can even thrive during any disaster.

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Chua’s Worldwide Success

Bernardo Chua is an amazing entrepreneur and CEO of Organo Gold, a gourmet coffee company. Known as an expert in the marketing world, his company Organo Gold caters to the active lifestyles that many people lead. His company serves people worldwide everywhere from the United States to Canada, Germany, Scotland, and even Jamaica. Chua’s worldwide success has made him one of the top names in the in the direct sales industry.

Chua’s company is focused on coffees, teas and other everyday and introducing people around the globe to ganoderma. Ganoderma is a mushroom that has been used for years by many people in Asia. Ganoderma is believed to impact health in a major way by doing things like, fighting cancer, stimulating the immune system and regenerating the liver. Bernardo Chua has become one of the first in the world to market this herb using both coffees and teas.

Chua’s company is headquarted in Vancouver, British Columbia. Chua continues to build the company up to be a worldwide brand. Bernardo Chua has spent a number of years educating people about the benefits of his products Education and as a result he has gained trust with Distributors and consumers that other companies might not have. His efforts have made Chua a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient and has brought incredible success to the industry. Chua and his company offer its collection of products through an Independent Distributor network and also to consumers through its Coffee Connoisseur Club. Organo is found almost everywhere, currently operating in more than 35 countries across the globe.  Be sure to follow Bernardo on Twitter for more information, and Mr. Chua is also available on Facebook as well.

Wen Fig Conditioner: A Review

WEN hair products have been on the market for quite some time. A number of people, including celebrities, have stated that the shampoos and conditioners from the Wen line have mad their hair shinier and healthier. Emily McClure from Bustle reviewed the Amazon sold conditioner from Wen, and offers her insight into the product for those who are considering becoming Wen customers.

McClure says that she started her seven-day experiment after traveling Her hair was greasy and frizzy, and the conditioner did a good job of deep cleansing her tresses. Emily did point out that it takes a lot of product (about 32 pumps) to thoroughly moisturize the hair, but the finished result is well worth it.

Emily used the conditioner for three days straight, and said that her hair was free of frizz and felt thicker. Since the conditioner made her hair oilier, her coif wasn’t able to hold a curl for long periods of time. This was especially true on the fourth day of the experiment, when McClure didn’t have time to use the conditioner.

Near the end of the experiment, Emily’s friends commented on how great her hair looked. Emily says that Fig conditioner is ideal for adding volume to the hair, and can protect the hair from heat styling, especially for women who wash their hair daily. Check the Wen YouTube channel for more info.

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Finding Success: Kate Hudson’s Interview

You’ve likely seen or heard of a movie with A-list actress Kate Hudson. But, what you may not know is that she is not only an actress, but she is the co-creator and spokeswoman of a highly popular athleisure company called Fabletics. She recently had a sit down with Elle magazine to discuss some of her motivations for staying fit and the inspirations of her designs. Fabletics is an athleisure company that sells athletic wear, but most of the designs are versatile and suit any lifestyle.

Kate Hudson makes it clear that her designs and styles are made for women of all shapes and sizes. They have included support and hide flaws, which is something she is very proud of. She wanted to make women feel confident in their clothing- every woman should have that pair of yoga pants that they look and feel great in. Kate prides herself on designing clothes that motivate women to stay active, like herself as well. She is not the only one who struggles to get going on her workouts in the morning. The key to her motivation is finding activities that she truly loves. Growing up, she was always active and enjoyed sports so she incorporates that into part of her active lifestyle. She is a dance coach on Glee, and loves being an inspiration to women everywhere. She has found incredible success with the line since the introduction a couple of years ago.

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Fabletics is a company that is different than most. Fabletics is not only an athleisure clothing company that sells clothes at a reasonable cost but it also offers the option of subscribing. If you subscribe to Fabletics, you can receive clothing every month delivered to your door. The price is always fixed and is incredibly lower than that of its competitors. It’s a great opportunity to create your perfect wardrobe and won’t put you in debt. The styles and fashions are unique to Fabletics and you won’t find them elsewhere. Don’t waste money on other expensive athleisure brands-visit today! See:

White Shark Media Offers Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark Medias is a top digital marketing agency in the United States. They managed close to $36 million spend on AdWords last year. If you want to build your web traffic via AdWords, White Shark Media is the company to call. They offer a free AdWords Evaluation. Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

Whether you already have an AdWords campaign running or not, their experts will show you how to get more traffic to your site. They will use to do the evaluations. You will be able to see what they are doing during the evaluation.

They will then explain everything to you so that you completely understand what the results are. If you decide to hire White Shark Media, they will begin building your traffic right away. If you decide to just use the information to work on your own, that’s OK too. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

White Shark Media has more than 62 AdWords certified PPC Strategists that work with over 982 small businesses every day. There are no contracts involved, so clients can terminate their projects at any time. Currently, White Shark Media’s very first client is still with them. Your PPC strategist can consult with a team of advisors to ensure that you get the best quality service available. They install E-Commerce tracking for free to help you track your results.

White Shark Media is an AdWords Premier SMB Partner hand-picked by Google. They have met Google’s stringent eligibility and training requirements. They offer full transparency and you own your AdWords account. They also use the services of Marchex to provide phone call tracking as a big part of customer inquiries are made by phone.

Each month, clients and an SEM Strategist review the results for the past 30 days. This meeting is on GoToMeeting, an online conference tool. Strategists and clients can look at the same report at the same time.

Many clients find this very helpful. Whatever type of business you have, promoting and managing your online traffic is critical to increasing your revenues and profits. White Shark Media Review team has the experience and expertise to help you get a handle on your web traffic and significantly improve the results you get from your company’s website.

Securus to Highlight Integrity Breaches and Wrongdoings by GTL

Securus will over the course of the coming six months release some additional reports on GTL in order to make the carrier to act with more integrity in future. Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of technology solutions in criminal and civil justice. These solutions are be used for investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections. According to PR Newswire, they will release a number of reports and articles that are aimed at highlighting the various integrity breaches and wrongdoings by Global Tel Link (GTL), a provider of inmate communications.

The motive behind the press releases is aimed at ensuring that companies in the inmate communications industry do not stoop low than the integrity bar. There will be a series of Press Releases over 6 months that will review the various wrongdoings as a way of shaming GTL to act with better integrity. The first press release will involve an official 17-page Order (No. U-20784-B) by Louisiana PSC. It details the actions of GTL when it used to serve the Department of Corrections in Louisiana as well as providing telecom services outwards to inmates. GTL added some seconds more to call durations, subjected calls to higher rates, inflated charges artificially for its customers and billed single calls more than just once. All this led to the tax payers in Louisiana being overcharged a total of $1,243,000.

About Securus Technologies

Secures Technologies Inc. is among the leading providers of inmate communications, government information management solutions and parolee tracking. It serves about 2,600 correctional facilities that are in 45 states, Canada, Mexico and District of Columbia, in total it serves up to 1,000,000 inmates. Securus is widely recognized as in the provision of technical solutions that are innovative, comprehensive and responsive customer services. The company is committed and focused on providing special needs to the law enforcement and corrections communities. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and it has four other regional offices in Dallas Metro and Atlanta, Georgia. See their crunchbase page for more info.

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Gold Is Back And Billionaire George Soros Believes The Precious Metal Will Double In Value

Gold has been written about for centuries. It is the one precious metal that attracts people from all over the world. Gold is not connected to any government, and it does not react to economic issues unless those issues force people to buy more gold. And that is exactly what is happening in 2016. Investors are turning to gold to protect their portfolios. George Soros, the hedge fund genius, is making drastic moves in his Soros Fund to offset what he believes is going to be a major decline in the stock market. Soros recently bought 19.4 million shares of Barrack Gold and reduced his other stock holdings by 37 percent. The Soros fund still owns more than $3.5 billion in stocks, but that number is a third less than what it was at the beginning of 2016.

According to Mr. Soros is betting against the equities market. He recently purchased 2.1 million shares of put options on the SPDR S&P 500 EFT Trust. That trust tracks the S&P 500 index. That move means George Soros believes stocks are going to drop and drop fast, according to the article. 

The Soros move to the gold market shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has been listening to the economic genius over the last four years. Soros has been interviewed by several financial publications, and he has repeatedly said that a global recession is in the works, and it may be as devastating as the 2008 recession. This new recession will not be a product of a subprime mortgage crisis. It will be the result of the economic breakdown that is happening in China. According to an article published by, China’s economic downturn will shatter stock markets around the world. Soros was one of the first investors to recognize the financial devastation that is in the works.
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Other hedge fund managers have been talking about China’s economic issues, but those investors don’t have the creditability and the track record that George Soros enjoys. George Soros is a Hungarian refugee that escaped Nazi occupation by moving to England. Soros earned a degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics, and he worked as a waiter while he attended classes. After graduation, George Soros moved to New York and started working on Wall Street. The rest of the George Soros story is well-documented. He made more than $1.4 billion when he bet the pound sterling would be devalued in 1992, and he has made billions more since then. Forbes lists Soros in the top 100 on the world’s wealthiest list, and he made his fortune the old fashion way. He bet big on risky ventures, and they paid off. 

Securus Technologies find success with new app for inmates

Securus Technologies is a popular call provider for inmates that has developed a way for inmates to stay in contact with their family members and friends more visually. This technology company has developed an app that allows inmates to communicate visually. In addition to developing a very useful app, the technology company has revealed that it has found much success with the new application called the Securus Video Visitation app.
The new application was launched about 6 months ago and according to PR Newswire, it has already had about 65,000 downloads. Five-thousand of these downloads were to Apple devices and the other 60,000 were downloaded to Android powered phones and/or tablets.

The Securus Video Visitation app has become a godsend for some inmates and their families. Some families are not able to visit their loved one or friend locked behind bars due to financial or physical reasons. This application provides a way for inmates to visit family and friends and even participate in special events. For example, with the assistance of the Securus Video Visitation app, the locked up family member will be able to attend a family reunion (Watch the ad here: The application allows the inmate to be a part of the excitement. People will be able to see him or her on the mobile device and the inmate will be able to see them.

The PR Newswire article also revealed that Securus Technologies is a household name to over 3,400 facilities. This technology company provides services to more than 1,200,000 inmates in the United States. In addition to providing ways for inmates to communicate with their family, Securus Technologies also provide products and services that help to improve the safety in the prisons and outside of the prisons. This company helps to insure that the inmates are closely monitored and that they as well as the facility staff are protected from danger. The services and products offered also ensure that inmates are not able to escape the facility.


Thor Halvorssen’s True Nature Explained

Thor Halvorssen was interviewed in the April 6 edition of the Weekly Standard. The writer, Matt Labash, collected in-depth information about this enigmatic philanthropist and traveled to Korea to witness Halvorssen in action. The right leaning Weekly Standard can not altogether embrace Halvorssen as he is a supporter and contributor to the campaign of Bernie Sanders, as was evidence in a recent Fox News interview. The article does justice to Halvorssen and completely and intimately explores his personal life from childhood, his school life in London and delves into his personal life, including eccentricities, and his compassionate commitment to his foundation.
As mentioned in Forbes, Halvorssen, his father and mother had a contentious relationship with the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen was raised in a wealthy privileged environment but with a lifestyle that had a sense of responsibility toward his fellow man. His father was allegedly tortured and imprisoned by the Chavez regime, and his mother was actually shot while she was involved in a peaceful demonstration against the ruling government.
In this article, Labash covers Halvorssen as he opposes the Kim family in North Korea. North Korea has become everybody’s favorite enemy and Labash goes on to explain the involvement of Halvorssen and his foundation, the Human Rights Foundation.
The article paints a full picture of Thor Halvorssen using all the graphic details of tabloid expose, but Halvorssen is regarded and represented in the article as a productive member of the human rights movement; and his drive, which is intense, and his complex political leanings, which are neither right or left wing but completely opposed to tyranny of any sort, are detailed in this very complete biography. After reading the in-depth article, any reader will have a truer idea of what Thor Halvorssen is all about. We come away after reading the article knowing that he is hyper-active, ethical, brave, a health nut, gay, and fully committed to improving the human condition.

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