Serving Others with Keith Mann

Keith Mann has had a lot of career success over the past couple of years. As a business owner, he has a variety of companies that are doing well for him. In the early days, he had to work endless hours in order to get everything going. Now that he is doing so well, a lot of his time and money are spent on helping other people. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, Keith Mann is a great role model. He recently announced that he would be helping a variety of schools in New York get to the next level.

Keith Mann

Since he was young, Keith Mann has always had a passion for helping others. When he first got started in business, he simply did not have the time or money to make an impact on his local area. However, with all of his recent success, he has been able to devote almost all of his resources to education in the New York area. This is something that he is passionate about in life. If you are someone who has a passion for helping others, it is important for you to start investing in that area. Keith Mann believes that he can change his local community for the better, simply by helping schools in the area.

Final Thoughts

Starting and running a business is a lot more work than many people realize. However, Keith Mann has been able to have success in this area after years of hard work. With his extra money, he has donated resources to help the public schools in the New York area get better. There are a lot of schools that simply do not have the financial backing to succeed. The kids who go to these schools deserve an opportunity to succeed as much as anyone. With all of his hard work, he is hoping that these schools start to improve their performance over time. There are a lot of people who are looking forward to what he is able to do in his local area.

Use Wen by Chaz

Hair care is important. People notice if your hair looks nice. It can make a difference when you are out for business reasons and for personal ones too. Since there are so many different kinds of products on the market today, it can get confusing to know which one will work the best for your hair. It is important that you save time and money on your hair care needs, and you can with Wen by Chaz.

Use Wen by Chaz For Your Hair

When you use WEN for your hair, you will notice a difference in it very shortly. Use it by the instructions that come with it for the best effect. Once you get the hang of using Wen by Chaz, you will have no problem using it ever. It is meant to use as a shampoo and conditioner in one bottle so you will actually save money and time.

Make Wen by Chaz A Part Of Your Life

When you use the product, you will see a difference in your hair, and you will want to share this news with your friends and loved ones that are women. They will enjoy receiving a bottle of it as a gift from you so jot it down on your list.

Start using Wen by Chaz, and your hair worries will be over. You will be able to go anywhere at anytime and look great because it was made with women like you in mind. For more info, visit the Wen Facebook page and subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel.

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Investment Advisory for the Benefit of Others

With the economic struggles of today, it can be a monumental challenge to invest in the market in such a way that maximizes the chance of a positive return while minimizing risk. The economy is just as volatile as ever. The real estate bubble lead to a collapse of the US Economy back in 2008.

The Deepwater Horizons disaster led to a crash in BP which unfortunately was in the retirement portfolio of nearly every citizen in the United Kingdom. This was further complicated by the vote of Great Britain to exit the European Union. This means that the world of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are more unpredictable than ever.

Wealth Solutions was founded by Richard Blair back in 1994. Since its inception, the only goal of Wealth Solutions has been to help individuals, families, and companies invest in such a way that will ensure the financial growth and security for their future. The world of investments can be a challenging one.

Now more than ever, people need companies like Wealth Solutions to guide them through the tumultuous times. Wealth Solutions has developed an impressive track record of happy and satisfied individuals and families who have placed their trust in Richard Blair Wealth Solutions. This company has delivered over and over again with investment returns that allow individuals and families to relax with financial security.

According to Intelius, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is the son of two teachers. Because of this, he always wanted to be involved in education. As Richard progressed through school, he realized he had a talent for finance and business related ventures. He graduated from college in 1993 and immediately got a job in the world of finance.

In 1994 he founded Wealth Solutions. Since then, Richard Blair’s only goal has been to help guide people through the tricky and challenging world of investments. He knows firsthand how easy it can be to lose large amounts of money in the stock market and place his and his family’s future at risk.

With decades of knowledge and experience, he makes sure that his clients don’t have to suffer wondering what will happen to their money out in the stock market. Using these investment strategies, he helps his customers traverse the perilous gap between investing for retirement and enjoying it.

For people who have the goal of retiring one day, Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions’s track record of success and large returns are unparalleled and serve as a role model to all other investment advisory groups in the marketplace today.

Susan McGalla’s Advice For Young Women Trying To Be Successful In The Workplace

Susan McGalla is quite a unique individual. McGalla has become one of America’s leading women executives who is currently with P3 Executive Consulting, LLC and is also a director for strategic planning and growth of the Pittsburgh Steelers. She’s overcome some stereotypes as well as criticism in her various positions, but she’s remained dedicated to her goals, and now she offers advice to young women who she believes can achieve similar goals.

McGalla believes that only through hard work can anyone achieve their goals. Growing up in her family, her being a female did not make her entitled to anything, and it was a lesson she applied to her career as well. But her parents did encourage her to grab onto her dreams and pursue them to the fullest. She encourages young women to not to look at the world as a machine that’s discriminating against them, but rather to approach the workplace as working together with both genders on, and to earn their way to the top step by step.

Susan McGalla has approached everything she’s done in life with passion, and a drive to do better each step of the way. She grew up in a country town in Ohio where her father coached football, and her older brothers also played it. McGalla learned much of her work ethic from her parents who gave her the opportunities to get her education and follow her dreams. She decided to go into business and marketing and attended Mount Union College, and even today she is still on the Board of Advisors there.

McGalla decided to bring her business degree into the retail and wholesale industry, so she started out working for Joseph Horne Company, a retail chain that was popular in Pittsburgh but no longer exists today after being bought out by Lazarus and eventually Macy’s. But McGalla helped Joseph Horne Company market and grow their brand well for the 8 years she served. After the company was bought out, she went over to American Eagle’s Outfitters chain store, and in that division she started as a merchandise buyer, but then became Chief Merchandising Officer and president of American Eagle Outfitters.

She had made the outfitters division on very popular with her branding and marketing strategies that eventually she became president of the entire American Eagle corporation itself. Her tenure there lasted 15 years until she decided to step down and join some consulting companies. In 2009, she joined the board at commercial real estate agency, HFF. Four years later she founded P3 Executive Consulting where she remains to this day.

How to Carry Out Online Reputation Management for your Brand or Business

It is always advised to leave a good first impression. However, in the case of repeat customers or clients, first impressions don’t count. You need to build a solid reputation over time to maintain the client base and therefore in this article; I’ll focus on online reputation management. What is it? You ask. Online reputation management is the continuous process of controlling what shows up when someone searches your name on Google.
Below I will feature some easy ways in which you can control what shows up on Google through reputation management. I will show you how to promote positive content on the first page of Google while pushing unwanted content further down.

Analyzing your Online Reputation

Google yourself and see what Google displays about your brand. Classify the displayed content as negative, irrelevant, positive, relevant, etc. Once you have analyzed your web presence, you need to commence improving your search results by either adding content or pushing up positive and relevant content desire while pushing down irrelevant content.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, in short, is using keywords in the content to make sure it appears as high as possible in the web search. By using SEO tactics from sites like, your content will be easily and quickly found by search engines as well as linked and stored in credible and trustworthy databases.

Search Engine Tools

Use tools such as Google Alerts which is a free tool that notifies you whenever another website mentions your brand. Google Alerts and such tools can help you stay proactive about your reputation.

User Reviews

Whenever there are user reviews, always expect some people to be discontent by your services or products as a brand. You can leverage the user reviews by always responding in a positive and levelheaded manner to the reviews. Avoid engaging in arguments.


If you follow the tips, you should comfortably be able to influence your online reputation because ultimately it is your duty to maintain a healthy status. You can get more tips on online reputation management here.


Richard Blair Helps People Build Retirement Plans

Wealth management is a service that a lot of people need help with. There is a growing need for this as many Americans find themselves working beyond retirement. It has been discovered in recent years that many people do not have the proper funds to retire. That is why Richard Blair has been able to build a career in aiding people that need help with their retirement planning.

The core of retirement planning is based on saving money, but there is a need to know where to invest what you are saving. Without the ability to invest wisely there will still be some problems with trying to retire when the time has come. That is why there is a need for more people to get with Richard Blair and his plans for successful retirement planning.

The company that Richard Blair founded was Wealth Solutions. This was the type of organization that was started in order to make it possible for more people to build a better portfolio. There are people that may have never known about 401K or IRA plans before they got help from Richard Blair. The thing that Richard has done for many people is help them secure their nest egg regardless of what they make. Some people will assume that they cannot afford to save for retirement. With Blair clients will begin to see that they cannot afford to not invest in their retirement.

Retirement planning is something that people can do on their own, but Richard Blair is someone that can help people maximize their benefits with different parts of their portfolio. It takes someone like Richard Blair to make people realize that there are a plethora of options to consider. Sometimes the stocks are going to be the best source of investing for people that like risk. Mutual funds may be better for those that want something that is not as big of a risk. There are others that want to invest internationally. Blair is someone that is able to help with all of this.

Retirement planning has become a big deal for people that are trying to place catch up. Millions have never done any retirement planning. They want to get caught up and Blair is the person that has allowed retirees to expedite the planning process. With Wealth Solutions people can build wealth and retire when they want to thanks to Richard Blair.

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I Saw Keith Mann Help The Police When No One Else Would

There are a lot of people who have a pretty bad relationship with the police, and I can see it in my community every day just when I walk past the precinct. The precinct is a place where everyone should feel good and welcome, but it can be a pretty hard place to go. I saw the day that Keith Mann sent lunch to the whole precinct near me, and I was impressed with how he was willing to give back to the police even though a lot of people are not willing to even acknowledge them.

Keith Mann has shown a lot of different times that he is in favor of the police, and he also wants to make sure that all the people in the city are in favor of them. The New York City police need all the help they can get, and one lunch that came from Keith Mann actually helps a lot. It makes the police feel appreciated, and it helps the police feel like they are making a difference.

Someone who is in need of help from the police should be able to trust them like Keith Mann does, but they should also look at all the faith that Keith Mann has in the city itself. He has raised money for schools in the city, and he has helped give scholarships to kids that need them. He has literally covered all his bases, and he wants to make sure that the people in the city are going to be able to get something out of the city that is positive.

Keith Mann is someone with means in the city who wants to make sure that he gives back. His history with Dynamic Search Partners shows that he believes in the city, and he wants to be sure that all the people of the city are giving back just like he is.

Andy Wirth’s Dedication

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a resort that is located in the Tahoe Lake region, a region that is globally known to be one of the most beautiful areas in the world to visit for the beautiful views as well as for the countless activities that are offered at the resort all year.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a resort that has been a part of the Cushing family for over 70 years and was even the resort to host the 1960 Winter Olympics. With so much prestige and history with this ski resort, a new CEO has been appointed to continue the improvements of this resort. The name of this individual is Andy Wirth, a dedicated businessman with a passion for nature.  Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

To improve this resort even more for the visitors, there is an expansion plan for the resort that has recently been approved and ready to take place. This expansion not only includes plans for the interior, but also includes plans for the exterior. As the CEO of this ski resort, Andy Wirth states that his expansion plans will not continue until they have been approved by every single individual which includes the locals of the Tahoe Valley.

The only problem that arose during several meetings to approve this expansion was the traffic issue. With this in mind, Mr. Wirth and his team will come up with the best solutions around this predicament.

According to Bloomberg and Powder, Andy Wirth feels lucky to have been well received by individuals from all around the community. As a businessman, Mr. Wirth always takes into account the environmental impact that is involved as well as the opinions of the local community.

Mr. Wirth attributes much of his success to the locals and has since then found new ways to involve the locals with every project that he has in store for the resort. As a 70 year old resort, it would not be the Tahoe Valley without the ski resort.

Even at a young age, Andy Wirth has always known that he has wanted to combine business with his love for nature. Mr. Wirth has dedicated over 25 years of his life to helping improve resorts and to promote nature among visitors.

Andy Wirth has held the position of CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort ever since 2010 and has since then made many changes to attract for customers and to bring in more revenue.

How Content Marketing is Changing

Content marketing is a buzz word in business right now. Every company wants to drive traffic to its website. Over the past few years, a lot of people have learned the hard way that it is a lot harder than they realize. Focusing on the content that you produce is key. According to, in order to get page views over the long term, it is vital that you understand how to take the next step as a business. A lot of companies want to cheat their way to success with online marketing. Instead of going for an easy fix, spend the time and money needed to generate quality content surrounding your business over time. There are a lot of companies that have invested thousands or millions of dollars into this category of their business.
What is Content Marketing?

For many years, marketing on the internet was all about producing the most content. However, recent changes to search engines have started to reward people who produce quality content. It is much better to produce one quality article that people will stay to read rather than 100 different articles that no one will read. This is a major shift in the content marketing industry, and a lot of companies have struggled to adapt to this shift. If you are a business that is looking to gain more customers, understand this simple fact is key. This is a shift in the industry that many people never fully understand.

Future Changes

In the future, content marketing is bound to change. There are a lot of people who try to think about the long term when it comes to their business. However, often times this is a lot easier said than done. As a business owner, you want to draw as much traffic to your site as possible. It is important to draw in traffic that is actually quality traffic. Page views can be important, but the length of time a person stays on your page is vital to. If you have a site with a lot of bad content, your bounce rate will go through the roof.


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Davos Real Estate Group and Its Owner, Mr. David Osio, Introduce a New Real Estate Software to the Company’s Clients.

David Osio is a highly knowledgeable and experienced individual in business management and provision of financial services. The finance industry in Latin America and Venezuela substantially acknowledges him for his role in the offering financial advice, commercial law, and banking solutions. Mr. Osio studied at the University of Catolica Andres Bello, which is located in Caracas, Venezuela, and the primary fields that he specialized in are international studies, banking, and finance. He then enrolled at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA) and later New York’s Institute of Finance, where he studied more about investment counseling and banking.

Davos Real Estate Group, which is owned by Mr. Osio, recently informed the public of its plans to release the Davos CAP Calculator, which is the firm’s new cell phone application. The primary objective of the software is to offer help to the company’s customers in the approximation of profits that can be gained from making an investment of their choice in the real estate sector. The Davos Real Estate Group is one of the well-established businesses that are under the management of the Davos Financial Group, which is a monetary organization that operates in various regions of the world. It has been a top firm in Latin America for more than twenty years in the provision of integrated financial guidance. The firm has a target of establishing a business policy that can achieve the desires of the clients and provide a top notch customer service through a highly qualified and certified team of experts.

Davos Real Estate Group’s Executive Director, Mr. Gerard González, has been cooperating with the software developers to ensure that they create an application that will be substantial in the approximation of profits that can be gained from an investment after determining the expenses that are related to the assets. The newest technology in the industry will be used in the application, and it will be accessible to users of Android gadgets and iPhones. This new software will be the pioneer in the series of other related application that will give the company’s clients a chance to classify properties via a mobile phone.

According to David Osio, his company is following its objectives since it has been able to develop software that will help in offering financial counseling to the customers as they invest in the U.S real estate sector. Mr. Gerard Gonzalez believes that the creative software will allow the businesspersons to have a distinct financial forecast when acquiring assets. The application will also have the ability to approximate rent and mortgage for its users.

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