Capital Group’s Leadership Succession Plan

Timothy D. Armour is the Chief Executive Officer, Director, and Chairman of Capital Research and Management Company. Currently, he serves as the Equity Portfolio Manager at Capital group companies, having previously served as an Equity Investment Analyst whereby he covered U.S. service companies and global telecommunications. Timothy joined the capital group in 1983, starting off […]

PodcastOne’s Chairman Norman Pattiz Releases the Results of the First Study Ever Conducted for Podcast Advertisers

National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Norman Pattiz established a reputation in the broadcasting industry engaging audiences while listening to modern syndication. He has contributed 36 years providing programs for sports, entertainment, news, and traffic as founder of Westwood One. Presently, Mr. Pattiz is serving as Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, the largest digital audio network […]

The Greyhound Diaries Makes Doug Levitt Gains Famous

Doug Levitt has become popular because of his research book titled The Greyhound Diaries. Levitt has toured 120,000 miles across America by the Greyhound buses for more than 13 years, where he gathered songs, stories, pictures, and memories. Doug Levitt cited that traveling contributed greatly to his book since he met ex-offenders who were willing […]

Bruce Bent II Does it All

The big picture image of Bruce Bent II is that he is Vice Chairman and president of the Double Rock Corporation. The details and fine lines that make up the picture of this man are intriguing as they are impressive. One of the first details to take note of when assessing the fire power of […]

Why Look For Garbage Removal Services

Rubbish clearance is always a better means of ascertaining that you can have a clean environment at all times, this will determine that even hygiene has been improved be it at your home or even in your workplace. Rubbish clearance can only be realized when you have aimed at completely removing everything that you never […]

The Miracle of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish tradition that modern day people from around the world are flocking to at amazing rates. The practice includes a unique interpretation of the bible; despite having once been considered esoteric, or only to be understood by a small number of people, the practice is now widespread and taught to people […]