A Ground Breaking Oil Discovery For Talos Energy

Talos Energy has made a huge discovery along the Gulf of Mexico. The company specializes in manufacturing and commercial distribution of gas and oil; hence, the discovery is a milestone in the history of the firm. They are yet to explore 2 billion barrels filled with oil from the shores of the Mexican Coast. Talos Energy has prepared enough resources for drilling the oils buried deep in the Zama-1 wells despite the high depths of about 11,000 feet. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company, Tim Duncan, elaborated that the company is willing to dedicate four years of their operations into studying the mines and developing safety measures to await exploitation of the natural resources.

Tim Duncan is investing in making wise and thoughtful decisions for his company to ensure that the project is run smoothly and successfully. Mexico has been scrambling for energy for many years and this huge discovery will present positive changes in the economy of the country. Energy analysts such as Wood Mackenzie are positive that Zama-1 will bring long-lasting solutions to Mexico’s energy sector since it falls under the largest shores that are rich for mining natural resources. Additionally, the discovery will greatly improve other energy fields within Mexico. The government of the Republic of Mexico is also in support of Talos Energy for effecting such changes within the economy.

However, Talos Energy faced stiff competition from other oil companies such as Exxon Mobil, Italian Eniand Chevron Corp, and many more when auctioning for the Gulf Blocks of the Mexican shores. Tim Duncan was happy to explain that his company won the bidding by attaining ownership of the two of the 14 Gulf Blocks. Talos Energy is an upcoming industry which only manages to employ about 200 staff hence such a win was a great achievement for  firm. The company went ahead to hire experienced personnel to test the mines and the feedback was promising. The geologists went up to 400 feet through hard rocks to prove that Zama was indeed a fortune for Talos Energy. The events that followed the successful survey were celebrations held at the company by their President, Tim Duncan.

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