A Winter Fundraiser That Will Benefit Homeless Animals

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Ross Abelow has decided to spearhead a campaign at that will benefit stray animals in New York City. He hopes that with the help of other concerned individuals they will be able to raise $5,000. Once the money is raised, it will be given to animal shelters. It will help with the shelters deal with some of the biggest problems they face.

One of the biggest problems that animal shelters in New York City face is a lack of space where animals can be taken care of. At times, they even have to turn away animals that are brought to them by kindhearted individuals who would like to get them off the streets. Sadly, many animals go hungry and even die when temperatures reach freezing levels in New York City. The money that is raised through the Go Fund Me campaign will be extremely useful in acquiring more space that can be used to house homeless animals. Another big problem that homeless shelters face is that they simply do not have the funds that are needed to purchase things like medicine and food for the animals that are in the shelter. Once the $5,000 is raised, more money will be on hand to help with this problem.

It is important for as many people as possible to get involved in supporting this winter fund raising campaign. The more people who make donations, the more quickly the problem can be addressed. This means that fewer stray dogs and cats will be on the streets as the days turn colder.