Advances in Technology and Online Reputation Management

When people think of running a successful business, they forget one crucial part. A lot of people forget that you need a great reputation in order for your business to succeed! For some, this may seem quite simple. Simply deliver a good product, and people will have positive feedback. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. People get disgruntled for a variety of reasons and since technology has advanced, they have a tool for them to give their negative feedback.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, online reputation matters for any brand. The article states that social media does play a crucial role. People will tweet, Facebook, yelp, and use a variety of other platforms to get their experience out whether it’s positive or negative. It’s key for a business to face a consumers criticisms and praises head on. It’s not all social media monitoring though. There are other ways.

The article also states that online customer service is also key. A business will need to take a proactive approach in responding to the needs of a client. If they have a happy client, that person will then tell a handful of other people about the positive experience they had. Same goes for negative. That’s why it’s always important to give great online customer service.

The article notes an important key that many businesses might not be aware of. It encourages businesses to get involved with a CSR program. Overall, technology has made it very easy for businesses to gain a following. It’s also made it easy for businesses to lose followers. That’s why a business has to always be on the edge of their feet, monitoring search engines for feedback as well as social media. People love to chat online and others love to read it. That’s why a business needs to take the time to read these reviews and not just brush them all. If people see a business taking the time to respond to a Reputation Defender review then they will side with that business because they see it as a place or a person that is understanding.

Howe to wade through the smudge of negative online press

Negative press can spoil the reputation of any company. Fortunately, online reputation management comes in handy to reduce or get rid of bad press. Oftentimes, big companies and mid-sized businesses have the financial muscle to hire an online reputation management company to resolve the problem. However, what happens to start-ups that cannot hire one? This article on blasting news offers insights on how to make your company’s online reputation as clean as possible.

What is your company’s online reputation?

Simply conduct a company search all over the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. Concentrate on the search engine results from the first three pages. Additionally, look up for company keywords, company phrases or slogans. Note down any notable information, particularly bad press on all your searches. Furthermore, track your employees’ history. With social network sites being the current fad, extend your search to these networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus and so on. Look up the company name, keywords, phrases and employees on social media.

Create an online presence

Businesses currently with an internet presence including social media pages, website, and blog or business review forums can overlook this step. However, for the rest, building an online presence is paramount. Simply join about three to five different social media sites. Next, post daily updates and actively interact with your online followers. For a greater effect, make sure your updates consist of an exciting blend of photos, words, and video.

Tackle the right issues

Amazingly, some negative press won’t necessarily taint your online reputation. For example, some negative talk may seek to garner attention or clicks to the source of the news rather than the subject. This means that you don’t necessarily have to respond to all negative posts or stories. You only need to tackle genuine issues.

Get rid of bad press

When dealing with negative press, you will need to use your social media accounts mainly. The trick is to keep posting exciting, positive and appropriate updates, which will serve to push down the bad press down to the latter search engine pages where they remain unnoticeable. Respond to customer complaints calmly and don’t take part in nasty, spiteful exchanges while addressing their posts or comments and implore them to speak through phone or email.

However, the process of online reputation management is a tedious one and the outcomes not immediate, the eventual results are worth the stress. Start-ups and small-scale businesses should take note.