An Austin Native Becomes A Force For Change And Innovation

When the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery was electing new board members, who better to serve as secretary than Doctor Jennifer Walden. As a daughter to a dentist and a surgical nurse, it didn’t take much for Jennifer to get on the road to surgery. After earning her medical degree from the University of Texas, she took up residence in New York’s Upper East Side while working at a famous hospital in Manhattan that deals primarily with the throat, eyes, and ears.

Upon the birth of her twin sons, Jennifer Walden decided it was time to return home; she moved back to her hometown of Austin Texas and opened a practice of her own. The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries focusing on all areas of the body. The facility is renowned for their use of cutting edge technology, using radio frequency treatments to modify the vaginal region and lasers to assist with fat reduction.

As if her duties with ASAPS and her responsibilities as a mother weren’t enough, Doctor Walden also maintains membership with some of the most prestigious societies for plastic surgeons in the country. This includes a very well known society of aesthetic surgeons; access to this society is via invitation only and comprised of only the very best plastic surgeons in the country.

As if this wasn’t enough, Jennifer has been credited with assisting in the writing of several books on plastic surgery, including at least one textbook. She also lectures at conferences nationwide regarding her work in plastic surgery and sometimes speaks regarding the effects of social media on the aesthetic surgery field.

When she is not engaged with her work in the plastic surgery field, Dr. Walden is involved in several philanthropic activities in and around Austin Texas. She donates her time and finances to more than five social support programs; about half of these programs are aimed at helping children.

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