Andy Wirth Discusses the Future

Press Play with Madeleine Brand on the KCRW radio station recently did a story that discussed the impact of the drought on the West Coast. One of the main interests of Madeleine Brand was to find out how the drought in California has been affecting the winter sports industry as there are many well known and beautiful resorts located in areas all around Northern California.

In order to learn more about this industry, Ms. Brand asked to interview Andy Wirth, a prominent businessman in the Tahoe region who is the proud owner of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. This ski resort has been passed down in the Tahoe region for over 70 years until 2010 when it came into the hands of Andy Wirth.

Andy Wirth has invested millions of dollars in renovation efforts that have continued to improve this business and have brought in countless visitors to the business.

Within the past two years, Californians have decreased their water consumption by over 27 percent. though households have been widely affected, Madeleine Brand wanted to learn more about the skiing industry. Madeleine Brand wanted to know specifically whether or not winter sports in California could survive a continuous drought. As the guest speaker, Andy Wirth was able to provide his expertise on the matter.

During the interview, Andy Wirth admitted that his ski resort had decreased by 20 percent in the total number of visitors. Though this percentage may seem like a large drop, this is lower then what was initially expected. Despite this drop, the ski resort is still profiting handsomely.

When asked as to how many winters the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth responded calmly by stating that his ski resort would be able to last an infinite amount of winters. Even with the drought, success is still an option to any business that is involved in winter sports.

Though it may involve creativity, winter sport industries can even thrive. Andy Wirth knows that his resort could withstand an infinite amount of dry winters not only because of his 6,000 acres of offered lands, but also because of the new investments that he has made in the snow making industry.

As a businessman, Andy Wirth is excited for this opportunity to show his skills in adapting to any given situation. Not only is his resort consuming less water, but Mr. Wirth has also been making further investments in renewable energy.

Though this may be an expensive investment, the results will make it cheaper for everyone and cleaner for the environment. During this interview, Press Play learned that despite weather issues, the successful businesses are the businesses that overcome these issues and can even thrive during any disaster.

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