Anthony Petrello- Successful Nabors CEO

Anthony Petrello is one of the best CEOs in the world. In 2014, he was the best-paid CEO in the United States. This is truly a great achievement. It means that for him to be the best CEO, he must have broken records with the company he leads. A huge pay can only mean that the management of company is proud of the achievements and would not mind giving a mind-boggling salary as an appreciation. This is the exact case that happened with Tony Petrello. He had achieved so much for his employer, Nabors Industries such that a huge pay was inevitable. Since his promotion to the position of CEO of the company, Tony Petrello have managed to push the firm into new levels of growth, which have never been recorded before.

Tony Petrello joined the company in 1991 as the COO. From ever since he served the company in various positions such as chairman and president of the company. Before being appointed the CEO, he had served long enough to learn all the dynamics of the industry such that when he finally came to power in 2011, he did not struggle at all. Petrello joined the company after serving in other two careers. He was at first a mathematician at Yale University and then became a lawyer with Baker& McKenzie law firm after studying at the Harvard Law School.

The surprising bit about his third career at Nabors is that he was appointed to serve in senior executive positions even without having studied any business related course. However, this has never stopped him from being the best. His law and mathematics careers have given him all the company needs. A shrewd problem solver. As a lawyer and a mathematician, he was used to handling complex matters that need careful thinking. So, this was no different. His knowledge of business litigation law has enabled the company always remain compliant with the laws that govern the business operations as well as being observant of ethical standards expected of them as a company.

Anthony Petrello has succeeded at the company for taking an approach that is pro-active. He is forward thinking and always makes sure that the business’ strategic goals are put in place and that every worker is aware of them so that they can work towards the same goal. From the contributions of Anthony Petrello, it is clear that his role in the company has been instrumental in making the company grow even during times of economic distress.

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