The Chainsmokers Change The Game

EDM-pop superstars The Chainsmokers have debuted a new music video to accompany their new single, ‘Side Effects’ with Emily Warren. The new clip features the familiar face of actress Camila Mendes, breakout star of the television show, ‘Riverdale’. Directed by Matthew Dillon Cohen, the video opens on an exhausted hotel employee answering a phone call […]

Sussex Healthcare’s Competence In Healthcare Service Delivery

Sussex Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare facilities in the UK. The organization boasts of exemplary healthcare service provision, one that has given the facility fame and populace across the population. One of the factors that have driven the facility to its fame is the special place for staff training. Sussex Healthcare’s management believes […]

Malcolm CasSelle Experience in the Digital Media Industry

WAX( Worldwide Asset Exchange) is a newly P2P marketplace that has been in the business of trading virtue assets that are built upon smart contracts and also allowing sellers and buyers to trade these assets conveniently. The company has been playing a great towards the elimination of fragmentation and also fraud which been the greatest […]