Betsy DeVos: A Change in Direction for Education

Private school often paints the picture of an entitled rich kid who is not capable of connecting with people of lower socioeconomic standing in the minds of the public. Instead, Betsy DeVos wants parents to picture an institution that is totally dedicated to the success of their children and their unique learning styles. For charter schools, people typically think that it is filled with children who have proven some type of accelerated status when compared to their peers. Betsy DeVos believes that parents should picture charter schools as an opportunity for children to expose himself to new types of learning environments. Homeschooling is typically viewed as a cumbersome activity for socially awkward children that is devoid of peers. Betsy DeVos believes that homeschooling should be viewed as an opportunity for parents to tap into their children’s learning style and integrate them with a thrilling online community.


For every negative impression that the public has about these alternative forms of education, there is a positive out there. Betsy DeVos has spent her entire career educating parents about the limitless potentials available in these alternative methods of education. She wants parents to feel a different type of pride when sending their children to school. The pride they would feel in this instance would be knowing that their children are truly getting an education that they deserve. The stereotype surrounding these types of institutions are simply that, stereotypes. In fact, many of these institutions are set up to help children of various backgrounds. Parents simply need to feel as though they have the power to make these choices for their children and are not down to the arbitrary rules of their districts. Simply because there is room for their children in the local public school does not mean that parents should send their children there. In fact, Betsy DeVos believes that sending their children to these institutions could be detrimental if their children do not adhere to the blanketed learning style.


Her interview with Philanthropy Roundtable a few years back is a total summation of Betsy DeVos’s current desires for education in America. She wants the system to be able to bounce back. While it seems as though she may be giving up on the public school system what she really wants to do is encourage it back to life. She also wants parents to feel the true freedom that is supposed to be rampant in America. Unfortunately for some parents, it feels as though they must use the public schools are located in their areas. There is a sense of empowerment that is associated with making the decisions that are appropriate for your individual child. Betsy DeVos wants parents to feel this and know that their children are getting the best out of education experience. Her work towards a better understanding of “school choice” will continue well into her career. As secretary of education, she wants to do exactly what is necessary to further the education of America even if it means advocating for different avenues of education. Her work is a true look at the change in direction for this field.


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