Bruce Bent II Does it All

The big picture image of Bruce Bent II is that he is Vice Chairman and president of the Double Rock Corporation. The details and fine lines that make up the picture of this man are intriguing as they are impressive. One of the first details to take note of when assessing the fire power of his business acumen is that he works in more than field when it comes to the finance industry. These fields include retail, broker-dealer, banks and qualified plan markets.


Beside the Double Rock Corporation, his past experience in being a managing CEO (Chief Executive Officer) incudes his time with the Reserve money market mutual fund and FDIC cash management business. This history spans more than 17 years, from start to finish. With some quick thinking and firm resolve, his leadership is responsible for the business’s evasive and critical reaction of the finance crisis in 2008.


His present experience is just as fascinating, as Bruce is also senior executive to the Double Rock Corporation’s subsidiaries. These are Access Control Advantage LLC and Island Intellectual Property LLC. However, being a phenomenal leader and figure head to multiple businesses is not the only thing that Bent does. He also is quoted journals and followed by millions of people from all walks of life all across the United States. And, that does not even mention the patents that he holds under his belt, of which there are plenty. The number is 60, to be precise.


When it comes to how he runs his business the plan is simple. He just remembers to create value for his customers and clients. He does this for any and every client and customer that walks through his doors, even if he does not directly work with them himself. Bruce Bent II knows all about trial by fire. In retrospect, he laughs about all the mistakes he can remember. But, number one on that list not listening to his intuition.


If the subject is life’s little tips and tricks for putting the icing of awesome on the cake of success, he says ditch the lawn and start yourself a garden. The benefits of the actions involved enrich life itself, plus the connections and possible cash made from distribution of the produce more than make up for the time and effort spent.

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