California University’s Professor Gives an Insight on The Importance of Comparative Constitutional Law

The Center for Constitutional Transition was developed with the idea of supporting constitution building through assembling of knowledge from experts in the leading International networks. With this diverse knowledge evidence based policy was created for agenda-setting research and decision makers. The program brought 50 experts from 25 countries on board. The founding of this organization was based on lack of up to date information during amendment and creation of new constitutions in several countries all over the world.  Check blogs. for additional article.

Mr. Sujit, who is an immigrant with law degrees from three countries, is the brain behind the creation of this organization. He owes his professional success to these three degrees that he acquired from Toronto, Oxford and Harvard. This is because each and every state or country have got different laws, history and issues. As a scholar of Comparative Constitutional Law, he recommends America to learn from other countries’ success and failures. He also believes that the comparative experience is important in political analysis and constitution interpretation.

Prof. Sujit has worked with people from different countries with different laws. He advised that when in a different country learn to look at things from the peoples’ point of view. Do not assume that their point of view is same as that of your country. If given a chance and money Sujit would come up with organizations that handle important Constitutional case-law globally in different languages. He accepts that bringing together of different experts is key in creating knowledge networks globally. The organization’s work plan includes, “Territorial Cleavages in Constitutional Transitions,” and “Security Authoritarian Backsliding and Partisan Abuse.”  Read this recent post of Sujit here.

Sujit’s Achievements

Sujit Choudhry has been recognized globally for his contributions in the Comparative Constitutional Law. He is a professor of law at University of California. Over two dozen countries have had the privileged of being lectured by him.

He has also managed to advise several countries during the making of their constitution. Egypt, Nepal, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Nepal are some of the countries that hired his services during their constitution building. He is the Director of Center of Constitution Transition. Additional article on  For Sujit’s contact info, hit on

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