Celebrated Actuary Gareth Henry Discusses His Day-to-Day, Productive Habits & Exciting Market Trends

In the space of just over a decade, Gareth Henry has gained a wealth of experience working with high profile hedge funds and private equity firms. Currently the Global Head of Investor Relations for investment management firm Angelo, Gordon & Co., Henry boasts a Bachelor of Science from Heriot-Watt University in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, as well as work engagements that have seen him employed at Schroders, Watson Wyatt LLP and Fortress Investment Group. Gareth Henry launched his financial career as Director of Strategic Solutions at London-based asset management firm Schroders, following his graduation from the Institute of Actuaries in the United Kingdom. He would subsequently take the position of Global Head of Investor Relations, Fortress Liquid Markets, at New York-based investment management firm Fortress Investment Group.

His roles at these celebrated firms included identifying and exploiting suitable avenues for investment; in 2004, for instance, Henry accurately identified election-year Brazil as a favorable site for investment by Fortress Investment Group. Throughout his career, Gareth Henry has been central to the expansion of his firms operations into the Middle East, Africa, West Europe and South America. As an actuary, he is primarily tasked with the measurement and management of investment risk for his firms by use of mathematical methods. His work ensures that the firm is not involved in high-risk or insecure investments that could prove financially hazardous.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Gareth Henry described his day-to-day, which consists of him making multiple calls – up to ten – during a single workday to clients across the world, including in Europe and Asia, as well as constant review of internal documents and reports. Later on in the interview, Henry credited his constant activity as a prime reason behind his success and productivity. Henry also discussed market trends that he found compelling in the interview, citing the increasing frequency of direct deals and single asset investments by large institutional clients, as well as the increasing importance of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies they make possible. To read the full interview, and learn more about Gareth Henry, click here.