Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority – Boosting State’s Economy By Developing Better Transit Infrastructure

The development in regards to transit infrastructure and transportation in Austin is limited within the city lines while almost entirely ignoring the growing need for better transit systems in the surrounding areas. The suburbs of Austin has lacked the transportation infrastructure it requires to accommodate the growth in population and commercial development that has been taking place rapidly in the last few years.



It was discussed at the regional conference Williamson County Growth Summit where many dignitaries of the region participated. The meeting was held at the modern Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. The conference discussed the challenges the transit system of the state is currently facing and aimed at finding a reasonable solution that could help boost the development and economy of the region. It is a well-known fact that for any industries to set up or for any commercial development to take place, the local transit system should be well-equipped to support the same. Few of the well-known personalities that participated in the event were Mike Heiligenstein, Joseph Kosper of RideScout LLC, Director of Texas External Affairs Leandre Johns, Uber Technologies Inc, and Jared Ficklin of Agro Designs.



The discussion in the conference revolved around how the transit system in the Austin and neighboring suburbs can be upgraded and what role the technology can play to support it. It also discussed the role that the technology is playing globally in helping develop a robust transportation infrastructure that is accommodating vast population, without causing a financial burden on the state or its subjects. The role of technology and its associated tools in helping decrease traffic, reduce accidents and accident related deaths, and provide affordable and convenient solutions for the commuters traveling intercity, interstate, and across the country was a part of the discussion as well.



The Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein, headed the discussion and commented that latest technologies available in the market such as driverless vehicles, ridesharing applications, and other quick travel booking apps and technologies could be of help in supporting the transportation need of the region. However, he went on to add that at the moment the focus should be only developing a network of smart roads across the length and breadth of the region to increase the overall transportation capacity.



CTRMA is an autonomous government agency formed in 2002, and Mike has been a part of the organization since its inception. The firm focuses on developing the transit systems of the state, especially in the developing suburbs, noteworthy of which are Williamson and Travis.