Clay Siegall: More Than A Doctor

The name Clay Siegall may not be too familiar for most people, but the Clay Siegall of cancer research is widely known in this exclusive community. Siegall, and his company Seattle Genetics has been waging war against cancer for two decades. There have been some wins at times and there have been some loses at times. Seattle Genetics, an oncology company, is Siegall’s weapon of choice. This prominent organization has set itself apart from its competition in a number of ways. Seattle Genetics has the experience, the expertise and the know-how for fighting cancer in the 21st century.

Targeted-cancer therapies is what this astounding company specializes in, and it produces one of the best. ADCETRIS, an advanced antibody-drug conjugate, has the ability too kill cancer cells on contact. Yes, this is correct. ADCETRIS, also referred to as (brentuximab vedotin), is a powerful drug that attaches itself to cancerous cells. After the attachment, this drug will give cancer cells a cell-killing blow. The drugs’ ability to connect to its host is outstanding. This drug is also the go-to choice for fighting Hodgkin Lymphoma, and it is being used in over 64 different countries. Bayer, GlaxoSmithKlien, Pfizer and Genentech have licensing deals with Seattle Genetics to disperse the products on the market. Dr. Siegall was the actual bridge, which connected the buyers with the sellers. “Making drugs is not easy,” stated Dr. Siegall in an interview.

This extraordinary guy is a well-rounded professional in an overall sense. Dr. Siegall has a knack for finding solutions, and he does it in a proficient way. He has written up to 70 publications that relate to cancer research and drug development. Thanks to Dr. Clay Siegall being on the scene, cancer patients truly have a higher chance of surviving cancer’s deadly wrath and that’s a guaranteed fact.