Davos Real Estate Group and Its Owner, Mr. David Osio, Introduce a New Real Estate Software to the Company’s Clients.

David Osio is a highly knowledgeable and experienced individual in business management and provision of financial services. The finance industry in Latin America and Venezuela substantially acknowledges him for his role in the offering financial advice, commercial law, and banking solutions. Mr. Osio studied at the University of Catolica Andres Bello, which is located in Caracas, Venezuela, and the primary fields that he specialized in are international studies, banking, and finance. He then enrolled at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA) and later New York’s Institute of Finance, where he studied more about investment counseling and banking.

Davos Real Estate Group, which is owned by Mr. Osio, recently informed the public of its plans to release the Davos CAP Calculator, which is the firm’s new cell phone application. The primary objective of the software is to offer help to the company’s customers in the approximation of profits that can be gained from making an investment of their choice in the real estate sector. The Davos Real Estate Group is one of the well-established businesses that are under the management of the Davos Financial Group, which is a monetary organization that operates in various regions of the world. It has been a top firm in Latin America for more than twenty years in the provision of integrated financial guidance. The firm has a target of establishing a business policy that can achieve the desires of the clients and provide a top notch customer service through a highly qualified and certified team of experts.

Davos Real Estate Group’s Executive Director, Mr. Gerard González, has been cooperating with the software developers to ensure that they create an application that will be substantial in the approximation of profits that can be gained from an investment after determining the expenses that are related to the assets. The newest technology in the industry will be used in the application, and it will be accessible to users of Android gadgets and iPhones. This new software will be the pioneer in the series of other related application that will give the company’s clients a chance to classify properties via a mobile phone.

According to David Osio, his company is following its objectives since it has been able to develop software that will help in offering financial counseling to the customers as they invest in the U.S real estate sector. Mr. Gerard Gonzalez believes that the creative software will allow the businesspersons to have a distinct financial forecast when acquiring assets. The application will also have the ability to approximate rent and mortgage for its users.

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