Doe Deere Explains Her Own Approach To Entrepreneurship

The life and career of Lime Crime founder Doe Deere has not been created based on the traditional ways of finding success or conducting a cosmetics business; instead, Deere has taken her range of cruelty free and vegan makeup to Online marketplaces where she is now seen as one of the fastest rising stars in the industry. The Russian born and New York educated entrepreneur recently revealed she was advised by established members of the cosmetics industry not to attempt Online sales as this was impossible to complete. Doe Deere introduced new technologies and sample options that have revolutionized the industry and made her own business brand a major success.


Early in her life Doe Deere looked to follow the traditional path to success in the fashion industry by training in New York and looking to develop a fashion line based on her own interests and style. In her fashion and cosmetics career Doe Deere has always looked to remain true to herself, which includes maintaining her own style that is based on feeling comfortable in her own skin and seeking to build on the fairy tale style that is prominent in her own life.


After forming Lime Crime as a stand alone fashion line in 2005 the Los Angeles based entrepreneur found herself struggling to find makeup that would meet the demands she had for the marketing campaigns she hoped to complete for her new company. By 2008, Deere had decided to create her own cosmetics with bold pigments that would become the signature style of the Lime Crime brand, as the marketing campaigns of Lime Crime grew in effectiveness the focus switched to cosmetics that were becoming more popular than the clothing of the company.


As an entrepreneur Doe Deere explains she believes it is important to find a business that makes the individual happy to work in for the long hours required to set up a new business. As a business leader Deere believes it is important to treat everybody in the best possible way and look to develop a new business as early as possible to avoid having any regrets over lost time or a business opportunity that may have been missed along the way.

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