Edwin Miranda Study-Research

Edwin R. Miranda is a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan, enrolled in the school of kinesiology. He has tones of experiences in various fields including Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Human experimentation, advanced glycation end products as well as abdominal obesity. During his time in the university, Edwin Miranda carried several research to enhance his understanding of the human body and develop remedies for various disorders. Some of the study research include trying to understand how Glycation end products (RAGE) affects Obeso-genesis.

RAGE Impacts on Obesogenesis.

Edwin Miranda aimed at evaluating the impacts and relationship between body composition to soluble glycation end products isoforms. He conducted his research using 42 obese participants randomized to control (CON), as well as the alternate day fasting people (ADF). According to Edwin`s research, the increase in body composition is relative to the rise in sRAGE isoforms. This relation explains that sRAGE isoforms are a possible remedy to treat obesity, this conclusion was seconded by Italian Society of Human Nutrition as well as the Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery at Federico II University.

Influence of Xpand Nitric Oxide on Calf Muscle Re-oxygenation.

Edwin Miranda carried out this study with the aim of examining how Xpand Nitric Oxide reacted on Muscle reoxygenation. He carried out three tests on nine well-built men and came up with a conclusion that the arginine-containing cocktail supplement did not affect the process of re-oxygenation in Skeletal Muscles since the used ingredients used had washed out the cocktail before the process was complete.

Edwin Miranda has been working with scholars from various Universities to conduct multiple studies. Other researches include examining the effects of Hyperglycemia on Oxidative Markers and at what age- range are obese people affected. These researches have broadened the mind of many scholars.

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