End Citizens United wants to Make their Name Official

End Citizens United has officially become a certified PAC or political action committee. They were established in 2015 and since that time they had become a valid PAC that is working to eliminate Super PACs. The group does not like Super PACs because they allow dark money to enter into the world of politics.


Dark money is simply a term that allows non-profits to receive money from individuals, companies and organizations without the non-profit being able to disclose the donor’s name. This type of action could theoretically allow money to be given to a Super PAC from a questionable or shady financial source. Dark money in politics could wreak havoc on the political process if it gets out of control.


End Citizens United knows the extent of the damage that Super PACS can do. They can easily make any political campaign unfair. After all, if a person does not have to disclose a donor’s identity; what is stopping them from amassing funding from criminal organizations or from other countries who wants to undermine the nation?


End Citizens United is working hard to raise the money that is needed to continue to campaign against this legislation. They are doing everything they can to end Super PACS. End Citizens united understands the term “campaign”. They are an aggressive activist organization that knows how to garner the financial support they need to stay relevant and to thrive as a PAC.


This organization cannot accept donations over $5000 from an individual but they can unlimited numbers of people to join their role. Millions have joined and the group has amassed $4 million in 2017 and is expected to generate at least $35 million by 2018.


Keep in mind that political action committees are extremely helpful for political candidates. End Citizens United is a democratic based organization that supports candidates from this party. The money they raise is often used to help viable candidates to travel around the country and make impactful ads. The fact is that all political candidates need money to run an effective campaign. Without it, they just will stand an extremely small chance of winning an election.


PACs ensure that candidates can make get into office. They are also necessary for helping to pass specific legislation. Once again, if a group or individual wants a new law or some type of legislation; they will need money to get signatures to make changes. To effectively campaign for this change to the law or legislation is very important. Money is critical to this process.


End Citizens United is very successful as a PAC and they are on the right track to ending the legitimacy of Super PACs. This organization has become a top tier PAC since its inception just a few years ago. They are now set to make great changes in the arena of politics.