Fabletics – Athleisure’s new debut

Kate Hudson is at it again – her fashion sense has triggered more success – at Fabletics her new idea for an active lifestyle is the athleisure dress! Her new line just debuted this spring, in April, with a collection of both dresses and performance wear swimsuits. Continuing with the Fabletics philosophy of looking great and feeling good, the new pieces of Fabletics will offer flexibility to your wardrobe. While wearing a dress such as The Tropez, there is a smooth transition from beach, to date, to activity. The fabric is cool and comfortable and the style is sexy and flattering. There are many new design pieces and each one helps a “lazy gal’s dream come true” according to a recent article in Marie Claire. Other source: http://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Fabletics-Retail-Stores-Opening-38342683

With Fabletics innovative design that is great for both style and comfort, both the dresses and new swimwear offerings are confident in assuring the customer that no embarrassing clothing mishaps will happen while being active in the athleisurewear. According to Hudson herself, the pieces will help women feel sexy and feminine but also not restricted from activities just because they are in dresses or swimsuits.

These new items in the collection will showcase the style and quality that customers have come to appreciate and depend on in the Fabletics brand. The subscription service is not only a fun way to shop but a chance to enjoy a sampling of all that Fabletics has to offer. Each month the customer can choose the pieces she would like to try and the items will arrive promptly. The monthly sampling of the variety of Kate-tested pieces of Fabletics allows customers to shop for the athleisure items that they want to enjoy while knowing that they will have the freedom to stay active and comfortable while looking great!