Fabletics: Giving Others a Run for Their Money

If you’ve been meaning to get in shape this season, Fabletics will help you do it comfortably and in style. Athleisure as it’s called, is the combination of athletic wear and leisure wear, with a twist of fashion. Fabletics takes it a step further by matching you up with the best clothes according to your lifestyle and purpose. The quiz can be found at https://www.fabletics.com/get-started and takes just a few minutes to complete.


If you’ve heard of Fabletics, you may already be aware that Kate Hudson is one of the leading names behind the brand. Being somewhat of a brand ambassador, she designs athleisure and offers advice on the website. She’s also involved in the day to day operations and has a major hand in business decisions. Hudson took Fabletics from a small company to generating over $250 million (annually), in revenue. Demi Lovato has also joined Fabletics and has her own collection.


While there are many imitators, Fabletics does it right. The company showcases its products on the website. They also have a retail component. This is due to the nature of how they sell their products and being competitive with Amazon. This is a challenge for any apparel company. This “reverse showroom” technique has benefited other companies such as Apple and LL Bean.


The advantage of using a monthly subscription and the advanced showroom technique is that it gives customers ultimate flexibility. Any customer who’d like to purchase or preview items at a retail store can do so. Having in-person customer service also makes many customers happy. These marketing efforts have been incredibly successful. The retail store can convert browsers into customers at a rate that is far higher than most other retailers. The success of Fabletics has given the company a great deal of exposure and is quickly becoming a household brand name.


As previously mentioned, the lifestyle quiz gives customers an analysis of what type of athleisure would work best for them. It’s quick, easy, fun and convenient. The website also has many other brand names under its belt, including shoes, menswear, and much more. Tips and favorite picks from Kate Hudson, Demi Lovato, and any guests are a great way to get new fashion ideas you may not have considered. Take a plunge into the ultimate in athleisure by checking out Fabletics today.