Fabletics’ Strategy to Penetrate the Fashion Market

For long, the fashion industry has had Amazon controlling 20% of the e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is threatening the dominance of Amazon in the industry. Fabletics has grown to a $250 million company in just three years. Their strategy is a membership program where clients subscribe. Times have changed thus price, and quality is not the only determinants of brand value. Other details like after-service, brand reputation, customer experience and brand recognition are what the modern consumer regards as a high-value brand.


The strategy and positioning that Fabletics has adopted are paying off with faster growth rates. The firm is set to open a dozen more stores besides the twenty-two that is already operational in California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Florida. The General Manager, Mr. Gregg Throgmartin confesses that the secret is changing the market perception of high-value brands. Their membership strategy allows them to offer individualized services at half prices to each client, something none of their competitors have been able to achieve.


Fabletics has implemented the reverse showrooming strategy by making a customer’s offline browsing positive and engaging thereby building healthy relationships, building trust and getting informed of the status of local markets by gaining access to various events and activities. Fabletics uses online data collected from membership preferences, social media discussions, and the total number of sales and store-heat mapping to stock the stores with the products that satisfy clients.


Fabletics has been able to master the balance of employee lifestyle, consumer enlightenment, and customer service. The firm’s ability to evolve and adapt to new challenges and new competitors has enabled it to grow at an annual rate of 35%. The company has hugely invested in physical retail experience with a unique showrooming strategy.it is also data-aware and risk-positive and understands what the modern consumer wants regarding purchase options, distribution outlets, and creative membership subscriptions. To know what Fabletics gear is appropriate for you, take our Lifestyle Quiz.


Kate and her team have built the firm into a top-ranked athleisure brand. Kate Hudson was the most appropriate partner the founders of Fabletics were looking for. She has an active lifestyle and is a very social person. Her roles include budget reviewing, strategy decisions and designing. Kate only undertakes what she feels is authentic, and you may spot her in a Fabletics gear. The company’s excellent customer service, data-driven strategy, the growing membership and partnerships with celebs like Demi Lovato and other firms such as TechStyle Fashion Group, their parent company will ensure rapid growth in the coming years.