FreedomPop and the Brilliant Idea of a Global Hotspot

Not too long ago, FreedomPop came up with a fantastic idea. To make a huge splash on the popular budget mobile phone market, FreedomPop released a service with a set amount of free phone, data, and text per month. The Los Angeles startup is poised to really shake up the entire cell phone industry over the globe. After raising $50 million in new investment capital, the company is moving full speed ahead with plans to launch a 25-country Wi-Fi hotspot. Recode has the whole story.

What does this story mean? Basically, those who fear massive roaming charges the big companies levy against subscribers now have an alternative. The global hotspot removes all those roaming charges from the equation. The CEO of FreedomPop is hard at worth with the various countries in the collective of 25 that will be part of the hotspot. These discussions focus on making sure customers do not have to worry about any problems once they travel into these territories.

The costs of getting into the FreedomPop hotspot action are reasonable. Really, anything would be reasonable compared to the massive roaming tallies some are charged with the major providers. No matter how anyone looks at it, the $49.99 one-time fee to join the global network is not excessive. $10 for the necessary SIM card is also inexpensive. Updates are free when new countries are added to the hotspot. And a lot of new countries, 40 in total, are planned for the future. Again, FreedomPop is a company on the move.

Read the whole story at Recode. The story might even motivate some to order the service right away.

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