FreedomPop Is Rapidly Changing How People Relate to Phones

Mobile World Live recently reported on something that will be of particular note to anyone interested in cellphones. They’re reporting on the expansion of a company known as FreedomPop. As the name suggests, FreedomPop has been making waves due to a unique business plan. They strive to provide the lowest possible prices on all of their service. In fact, they’ve been so successful in this endeavor that they provide some services at no charge at all. For example, they offer a limited amount of free voice and data to subscribers every month. Users then have the option of paying a low fee to get more minutes, or simply waiting until the next month brings more free service their way.

However, the service is quickly catching even more attention as it launches in Spain. The company is working with the WhatsApp program to offer even more free services. WhatsApp use will offer free voice and texting no matter how often it’s used. This is still somewhat limited by the nature of the app itself. But FreedomPop recently explained why Spain is in a unique position to leverage the WhatsApp service. While the app is popular everywhere, it’s adoption in Spain is unparalleled. It’s estimated that about 90 percent of texting in the country is done through WhatsApp. This means that any service adopting the app will have instantly tapped into how the majority of people already use their phones. This has allowed the company to take a very different approach than they do in the US and UK.

This innovative method of offering free service is one of the things which has really defined FreedomPop. They’ve traditionally considered every market as a unique area that calls for a unique implementation of their service. The company currently has plans for more experimental services as well, and these can be sampled by people who make it into the beta testing program.


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