FreedomPop Saving You Money Once Again

FreedomPop has made a living for itself saving customers money on their mobile phones. If there is one thing most mobile phone users can agree on it is they pay far too much for their mobile phone services. Before the advent of the smartphone, most individuals payed under $50 for their monthly service. Often the bill came at half that. However, as smart phones started to evolve and required additional data, phone bills started to balloon. Now, the average individual with a smartphone pays well over $100 for data. This, in comparison, to their Internet bill, in which they use more data throughout the day, and yet Wi-Fi costs less than a mobile phone bill. FreedomPop has been allowing customers to either obtain free mobile phone service or pay a fraction of what they had been. Now, the LA startup is offering customers with the ability to travel the world and save on their mobile phone service as well.

Recently, FreedomPop raised $50 million to invest in its international services. This includes a global hotspot service available currently in 25 nations, with the goal of reaching over 40 by the end of the year. This allows customers to access the Wi-Fi network in these nations and use unlimited texting, calling and data, all for a one time fee of $49.99. Now, that is not going to connect to a person’s mobile phone everywhere in these 40 countries. For someone who wants to be able to use their phone freely in any of these nations, FreedomPop is now offering an international SIM card. This SIM card allows customers to receive 200 MB worth of data free of charge, every single month. Should they ever need more, they can purchase 500 MB at a time, and it rolls over so it doesn’t expire.