George Soros Addresses The Threat To Global Security

Often seen in the U.S. as the leading financial donor to the liberal Democratic Party, George Soros is not the consistent political donor he has been seen as over the course of his life and career. In fact, the decision by George Soros to make major donations is often based on the political climate affecting the world at any time, according to Politico; in the 2004 Presidential election cycle, Soros made his name by backing Senator John Kerry with around $27 million in campaign donations through a series of PAC’s and Super Pac’s. George Soros had been a major critic of the Administration of President George W. Bush in the runup to the 2004 election as he was opposed to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan pushed forward by the so-called “Hawks” in the Bush Administration.

There have been very few election cycles of George Soros has actually played a major part in over the course of the 21st-century in the U.S. as the Hungarian born hedge fund manager with a personal fortune of more than $25 billion has been focused on his philanthropic work for many years, Forbes reports. Following the 2004 election, George Soros set out to initially back the candidacy of former First Lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for The White House but later changed his mind and threw his support behind President Barrack Obama; before the 2008 election campaign had drawn to a close, Soros had already withdrawn a large amount of his financial support for Obama over the apparent refusal of the future President to extend the liberal agenda he had promised.

Despite his reputation as a major political donor to liberal causes, George Soros provided a reported $1 million in backing for the campaign of Obama in 2012 as he became increasingly disillusioned with the agenda and policies developed by the President and his top advisors. Not only did Soros refuse to provide his support for the Obama Presidency he is reported by Politico to have expressed his sorrow at not providing his support for Hillary Clinton in 2008.George Soros has made his name through a series of canny investments made through the hedge fund he established in 1969, Soros Fund Management has become group the majority of investors look to for signs about the future of the market. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros often builds his investment portfolio and changes his investment options through his reading of the political landscape across the world as he has been correct on many occasions about how politics can affect the financial situation of the world.