George Soros is an Influential Figure in the World of Philanthropy and Politics

Politics is a very unstable and unpredictable business. People who are involved in this field can understand how it works from a general sense. However, politics are often so confusing and erratic that situations, circumstances and issues can change on a whim. Governments, politicians and leaders can control, enforce, implement and promote politics. They just can’t always guarantee how things will turn out or how people will respond to political process.

For the most part, people leave politics up to the world leaders and powerful governments. Most people usually do not get involved with politics on an individual level. There are always exceptions to this rule. George Soros is a man who is an exception.

Soros grew up in Hungary during the horrible years of World War II. He was living under Nazi occupation. His family is Jewish, and they were in grave danger. Soros’s father was wealthy lawyer who knew exactly what to do to save his clan. Soros was forced by the Nazi’s to do some awful things to his fellow countrymen. This era in Soros’s life changed the course of future forever.

He was a 13 year-old-boy living under the troubling rule of the Nazi Party. By the time World War II was over he was about 16-years-old. The aftermath of this event made Soros realize how terrible things can be when the wrong people or political party is running the show.

After the Second Great War, Soros finished school and then when to college. There he was taught by an influential 20th century philosopher named Karl Popper. Soros latched onto this philosophy and used it as a means to persuade political philosophy for the rest of his life.

While Soros was a political student at heart he also had a passion for business. He made is fortune as an investment banker. As a matter of fact, he is considered one of the greatest investment bankers to have ever lived. His current net worth was $30 billion dollars. This figure made him the world’s 30th richest person. In October of 2017 he gave away $18 billion dollars of his wealth to his Open Society Foundations organization. This is considered the second largest philanthropic donation in all the world.

Soros knows that political, social and community organizations are needed to keep societies open and free. This is why he created Opens Society Foundations or OSF. OSF provides financial support and guidance to political and social organizations that promote an open society. These organizations are usually aligned with liberal politics and ideology. They typically have causes that run against traditional values and norms.

Soros knows that without money many social and political organizations will fail. He also knows that political policies and laws will not get very far unless there is funding behind them. So, for years he has helped liberal causes through sizable contributions and donations. He uses the OSF to provide a wide variety of liberal organizations all over the world with lots of money to keep their causes going. Soros’s funding, his political experience and vast wealth is helping to keep societies open and free all over the world.

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