George Soros Lays Out How He Would Pay For Refugee Care

Refugees are coming into Europe whether the governments of the EU like it or not, and they are going to be much better off if they reconcile on the fact that these people are going to want to stay. Sending people home or just whipping up fear is not going to help anyone, and George Soros has a plan that will help the Europeans deal with their problems. George Soros has been critical of Europe a lot of times in the past, and he wants them to learn from their mistakes so that they will not find themselves wondering what happened when they cannot care for all their refugees.

Governments come up with spending plans all the time, and it is smart for these countries to have a spending plan that is just for the refugees. Every refugee needs to get some kind of help according to George Soros, but it has to be with the understanding that those people are putting down roots. It is going to help people get jobs or start companies, and they can become members of the community where they move. There are a lot of people on who want to move into a small community where they can start over, but there are going there with nothing to start with. These refugees have no prospects unless they are going to be given some help by each government.

The governments that are sending people away are just sending them to another country that might or might not handle their own responsibility. George Soros has seen the EU drag its feet before, and he does not want them to keep doing that because he knows that they might. They have to start paying for what they should, and they need to give every refugee a chance to become a European. There is room in the world for these people, but that only works if each country has a plan.

George Soros has tried to talk to a lot of people in the EU who are in power, and he has been talking about them in the press like he did with The New York Review of Books. He wants these world leaders to know that people are watching them, and he is willing to talk to any leader who does not know what to do with the refugees they have. The refugees have to be given some kind of assistance, and it would be foolish to think that these people can pick up their lives without any help.

The refugee problem in Europe is a problem that all the countries in the EU are going to have to pay for. They have to make sure that they are paying a fair share to help these people, and they also need to make sure that they are helping in any way they can. The refugees who are coming in have something to give, but they need help. George Soros just wants to see the EU step up and be responsible for people who need help.

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