Greg Secker offers quality solutions in foreign trading

Greg Secker is famed to be a philanthropist, entrepreneur and an international trading educator. He established the Knowledge to Action Group. A group of companies; Smart Chart Software, Learn to Trade, the Greg Secker Foundation, and Capital Index. The Knowledge to Action Group focuses on teaching enthusiastic individuals on how to set business ventures and excel as they improve their living standards.

Greg Secker has a little history. His career journey began at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he worked as a trading technologist. His duty was to develop foreign exchange trading systems. Greg later joined the foreign exchange and created The Virtual Trading Desk. He received the e-commerce award, the British Telecom for the innovation. The Virtual Trading Desk offers online Forex trading in real-time. The Virtual Trading Desk allows investors to get quotes to conduct foreign exchange transactions.

Greg Secker later became the V.P of Mellon Financial Corporation a company that is leading in the banking industry in the US. In his position as vice President Secker acquired more knowledge in international trade. Greg Secker opened Learn to Trade three months after being enrolled in the company.

Learn to Trade has earned its reputation through excellent teachings in trading. The firm opened other offices in London, Australia, South Africa and the Philippines. It has shown a remarkable expansion within the 13 years of service delivery. Learn to Trade has educated and trained more than 200,000 persons through seminars, online tutorials, and workshops in how to trade effectively.

He was inspired to start this venture by a large number of individuals who struggle to trade with ease. He wanted his clients to have the training to be good and tactful in trading game and improve their lives through foreign business transactions. He believes that making money should not be hard in trading; therefore, people need to have the knowledge to invest and the particular time. Learn to Trade enabled Greg Secker to resign from the corporate world at 27 years and ventured into trading at home. He started by training friends and family members how to trade in the Forex Market.