How to Find the Best Lawyer with NYs Referral Service

Seeking a lawyer with the proper expertise to handle a specific case can be difficult. The search can include trial and error as you meet and feel out the possible fit between you and an attorney. The “old way” of thumbing through the phone book or relying on a friend’s referral is inconvenient and time-consuming. Now New Yorkers have a better option.


The New York State Bar Association rolled out the Lawyer Referral and Information Service. The service is a partnership with, which also provides legal referrals nationwide. The process is convenient and confidential. The consumer just fills out a questionnaire describing their legal situation. After it’s been reviewed, they will be matched with a lawyer. It’s available 24 hours a day and there is also a telephone version of the service.


The referral service is not only for consumers. Businesses can also benefit from the LRIS. When filling out the questionnaire, there will be questions linked to unique problems that businesses face. They will be linked to an attorney like Jeremy L. Goldstein. He’s a New York-based attorney and founder of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. Before this time, he practiced with Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.


For advising and consulting, a special type of firm is necessary. Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC is a boutique law firm that offers to advise the transactions of the executive level. Clients that may be connected with this type of law firm will need to specify their current legal issue. The law firm specializes in events that involve CEOs, compensation committees, and management teams as they perform transactions and compensations.


Each case is unique and requires an attorney with special knowledge to properly manage it. With the LRIS, consumers and businesses can be appropriately matched with an attorney who can provide the best expertise for their legal situation. In turn, the service can also benefit lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein, who seeks to help companies during an important business matter.


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