Investment Banking Has A Unique Operating Structure

The type of banking that is done in many banks across cities both large and small is common to millions of people. Many people have local banks where they handle a variety of banking tasks on a daily basis. However, for small and large corporations, the type of banking that is done is generally different than the typical banking conducted in a local bank.

Investment banking, which is often referred to as corporate banking, is structured in a unique manner. The structure concerning investment banking is broken into three distinct areas. The areas are investment banking division, sales and training, and asset management. While both small and large investment banks can utilize all three areas, usually only large investment banks contain all three structure areas.

Investment banking as a whole is a structure that is flexible and fast pace. One of the primary reasons that the structure is set this way is because corporations are constantly in a state of change. Since many investment banks cater to corporations, the banks need to be able to adjust to the quick movements of the corporate world.

Corporate clients tend to want a bank where they can accomplish a variety of financial matters using one bank. The structure of investment banking works well in this situation. The three structure areas that comprise investment banking provides the opportunity to offer a wide range of banking services for corporate clients.

In addition, investment banking revolves around corporate relationships. People come and go within corporations, but the corporate relationships remain a constant with investment banks. This is much different than the typical local bank where personal relationships are encouraged.

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