Jason Hope assisting in pushing anti-aging efforts

Jason Hope is a native of Arizona. He is a philanthropist, futurist and a business consultant. He normally consults for business on the technology trends they should expect to come up in the future. Hope can precisely tell which technology will be the next big things and advise businesses on how to adapt to the changing business environments. He has correctly predicted the Internet of Things technology which is already coming up rapidly. Already it is being installed in industrial setups where it is going to be the leading technology in industrial processes. Jason Hope has a passion for other things in life such as scientific research in disease cure and education. He takes initiatives that give back to the community seriously. He ensures that together with his professional life, they go hand in hand.

In the area of diseases cure, Jason Hope believes that this is going to be the biggest initiative that can be carried out in the history of humankind. The advantages that can be accrued from the development of medication drugs that can alleviate human disease can be a breakthrough to every single person in the world today. Diseases cure is a top priority for every single person.

Jason Hope is specifically concerned with the human diseases that come as a result of age. As we get old, the body metabolism rate declines and the body becomes weak. We become more prone to diseases. Some of the age diseases include cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Preventive medicine can eliminate these diseases. The challenge that has faced humankind is that we look for a solution “after” instead of “before.”

There is a technology that is supported by Jason Hope called rejuvenation biotechnology. This is going to be the solution to the diseases that affect humanity. There is ongoing research being done by a group called SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope is one of the biggest supporters of this group. He has contributed about $1 million to support its activities. The group is at advanced stages of coming up with a drug that will make human beings live for even 1,000 years. Jason Hope is optimistic that this research work will bear fruits and will soon we will bid farewell to human suffering caused by age-related diseases.

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale and is a leading philanthropist in the area. Jason Hope mentors young people in the schools around Scottsdale.

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