Jeffrey Schneider: A Trusted Investment Advisor

Trust is a component that is mandatory in the investment sector. It does not matter the amount of money one is putting to invest, the key thing here is getting your money back with interest. There are few companies that investors can rely on. Which makes them valuable and reliable to the investors. Ascendant LLC is one of the trusted investment companies that listen and care to their clients’ needs. Under the great leadership of their chief executive officer, Jeffrey Schneider, the company has proved to their clients that they are reliable and can be counted on.

Alternative investments require an extreme level of creativity and innovation. Creating wealth through alternative methods requires that the investment company come up with bright and unique ways for their investors. It takes a keen understanding of the market and a deeper comprehension of the needs of the clients. Jeffrey Schneider has proved his loyalty and devotion to the company and one with an extensive knowledge on the market. He has led the company through diverse and strategic methods to tap private equity for their clients.

In order to give their clients satisfactory services Jeffrey and his company have created a large network and pool of professionals that they work with the company works alongside fund managers real estate investors to make sure that their clients make informed decisions to maximize on their wealth. Additionally, Jeffrey together with his team have created innovative strategies for their clients in order to position their wealth in more lucrative ways. Through these ways he has been able to set targets for the year at $50 million monthly revenue.

Schneider’s successful career began after his graduation from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has always had a keen interest in the investment world. In school, he always wanted to venture into investments however, after realizing how saturated it was, he decided to concentrate on alternative investments. He joined the Paradigm Global Advisors where he learned a great deal on investments and how to relate with fellow employees and clients. He leads his company with culture that encourages communication and transparency. He believes that in so doing, creativity is encouraged which is a plus for the company.

Besides leading Ascendant and satisfying his clients, Schneider loves football. During holidays he enjoys travelling extensively and enjoying what nature provides. More importantly, he is a firm believer in knowing limits when it comes to lifestyle and eating habits. In his website and on social media platforms, Schneider encourages his employees and followers to eat healthy products and exercise. He not only cares about his employees’ wealth and financial status but also encourages to engage in healthy lifestyles so that they may enjoy their wealth at peace.