Julie Jackson: Winery Proprietor That Hangs With the Stars

Julia JacksonJulie Jackson is a well-known name when it comes to wine. As the Proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, she has made her stamp on the industry. Not only producing a Pinot Noir from their Cambria Estate winery that was named Wine of the Year by Wine Enthusiast, she, with her sister Katherine, started a beautiful non-profit organization named Seeds of Empowerment, awarding $100,000 annually to “warrior women” who have overcome adversity, inspired others, and which celebrates the strength of women as leaders in society.

Julie has always loved the wine industry. As a child, she begged to help pick and sort the grapes to prepare them for winemaking, often in 100-degree weather. As she grew up, she attended Scripps Julia JacksonCollege in Claremont, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. After that, she spent some time in France at the Jackson family owned Chateau Lassegue winery, learning even more about their incredible system for making the best wines in the world. Jackson Family Wines has 30 wineries all over the world, and Julie represents them well by attending Oscar dinners and presenting bottles of wine to celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. She truly “hangs with the stars” and loves every minute of it!