Karl Heideck Teaching You The Ropes Of Litigation Career

Karl Heideck explains litigationLawyers in general are some of the most envied professionals. A look at their pay slip and everyone want to pursue law. What many people don’t understand is that there are many law professional classifications. Litigation being of the most popular branch in law. Another thing that people fail to understand is that, unlike many professions, litigation requires that you study law and have a bachelor’s degree before pursuing law.


Litigation refers to a branch of law that involves court representation of plaintiffs and defendants. A litigator like Karl Heideck, will normally conduct investigations so as to get the facts surrounding a certain case. They can then appeal the case after which the process of discovery (exchange of valuable information between the parties), will follow. A litigator then represents their clients through pre-trial. When matters cannot be solved in this stage, they will get facts that will help during the trial. If their clients are defeated and they have solid evidence, they are allowed to take their clients through the court of appeal.

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Requirements of the Litigation Profession

Pursuing this profession, you need to have passed in high school and be admitted to a reputable college to undertake a bachelor’s degree taking four years. After that, you have to sit for LSAT and pass. Then you have to apply and be admitted to a law school that is recognized by the American Bar Association. After that, you have to sit and pass the BAR Exam before joining a practice and getting some real-life experience.

About Karl Heideck

Karl HeideckKarl Hedeick attended Swarthmore College and Temple University is a Philadelphia litigator to watch out for. His litigation career has picked really fast, given that he only started practicing litigation in the year 2010. This was after passing his BAR Examination and being licensed to practice law in Philadelphia. Heideck has worked for three law firms including Conrad O’Brien, Pepper Hamilton and Grant & Eisenhofer, where he currently works.

Karl Heideck is a law graduate of the James E. Beasley School of Law. He was admitted into the university after completing his bachelors at Swarthmore College. For over seven years, Karl Heideck has been practicing as a licensed litigator.

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