Leader and Chairman- Andrew Rolfe

They were organizing to raise about 600000 pounds but the organizers of Ubuntu Education Fund’s Charity which took place in London in a gala night event. The fund raiser was able to collect a total amount of 603000 pounds which was above their expectation. Ubuntu Education Fund was established in 1999 and it has been supporting students from less fortunate families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa get a decent education. The money raised was to be used to expand the student capability in Ubuntu Education Fund Campus which is located in Port Elizabeth. The main purpose of establishing the education facility was to offer education to the local people but as time moved; the founders noticed another which was a challenge to the people in Port Elizabeth; medical facility. Part of the cash was also for developing a pediatric clinic on the campus.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund and he was in the forefront of organizing the event in London. Mr. Andrew was thrilled to welcome more than 300 guests. During the event; some of the beneficiaries of the Education Fund were present to give their success stories and how the organization has helped them in life. Ubuntu Education Fund assists the beneficiaries’ from the time they start their education to the time they begin their career. There was also an auction that took place during the event and it helped to raise more funds.

Andrew Rolfe is not the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund but he is also the Managing Director for Towerbook Capital Partners. Andrew is a graduate of Harvard University where he earned both his Bachelor’s Degree and his Master’s Degree in Business Economics and Administration. He is also a leader who from the beginning of his career he has portrayed a positive character he has been an Executive at Gap which one of the leading clothes brand. Rolfe led the firm to have a place in the international market. Andrew Rolf has also helped other organizations including banana republic to find success in the global market. Mr. Andrew can well be described as an innovator who assists other companies rich their highest potential in the international market.