Madison Street Capital Leads in the Provision of Corporate Financial Advisory Services


Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a global-scale investment brokerage firm specializing in commercial financial advisory services for public and private businesses. Madison’s Headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois; however, it has offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. Over the years, Madison Street Capital has built an excellent reputation as a market leader in the world of finance. In all its endeavors, Madison considers the suitable financing and capitalization structure for its clients. Madison Street Capital has an interest in areas such as technology, media, telecom, oil and energy, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, consumer retail, and transportation. MSC-BD, LLC, is Madison Street Capital’s registered broker-dealer. As a dedicated financial services provider, Madison subjects to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Services Offered

Madison Street Capitals specializes in corporate consulting, business valuation, financial reporting, financial opinions, wealth management, and tax planning. Under corporate advisory, Madison Street Capital provides services related to amalgamations and acquisitions, capital restructuring, business reorganization, bankruptcy, initiates buyout deals, corporate governance, ESOP advisory, and private placements. Conversely, business assessment and tax compliance services involve filing business returns and performance evaluation. On the other hand, financial opinions encompass capital adequacy, solvency, and fairness opinions from an independent third party.

Financial reporting valuation involves structured finance products, purchase price allocation, share-based compensation, and goodwill and impairment of intangible assets. Asset management covers mergers and acquisitions, portfolio valuation, restructuring, and financial sponsor services. Nonetheless, tax planning, business exit planning, and wealth management fall under wealth planning and tax planning category.

The above services affirm Madison Street Capital’s extensive experience, knowledge, skills, and relationships with its customers. When you hire Madison Street Capital, it brings an added layer of expertise in financial analysis and dedicated personnel to meet your specific needs. In turn, Madison Street Capital has secured over 100 in-house deals in exclusive contract alone.

Client Profile

Madison Street Capital takes pride in its extensive background in financial services industry, outstanding leadership, high levels of professional standards, and a globally recognized reputation. Besides, Madison has an extensive network of contacts on financial and strategic fronts. Furthermore, its experienced decision makers and vast resources help the firm stand out of the pact amid stiff competition in the corporate advisory services industry. Madison Street Capital’s clients range from small to middle-market businesses in the US and Canada. They include established businesses seeking a commercial presence, US-based capital investors, companies with 10-500million USD in revenue, companies with an EBITDA of 1-50million USD, and businesses experiencing 10% annual sales growth. Also, Madison Street Capital provides valuation considerations and risk mitigation strategies in its negotiation methodologies. Notably, Madison Street Capital always maintains proper coordination and communication systems not only to meet but exceed customer expectations. Interestingly,Madison Street Capital’s reputation is known globally.

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