Malcolm CasSelle Experience in the Digital Media Industry

WAX( Worldwide Asset Exchange) is a newly P2P marketplace that has been in the business of trading virtue assets that are built upon smart contracts and also allowing sellers and buyers to trade these assets conveniently. The company has been playing a great towards the elimination of fragmentation and also fraud which been the greatest hindrances in the virtue asset markets. All these have been achieved by virtual items that have necessarily been in their game. The business is managed by professionals who have a deep understanding of what it entails. They have been able to penetrate to greater markets in a bid to make it in their careers.

Malcolm CasSeller happens to be the president and also the founder of the company. He is known for his confidence in business and has worked with passion towards ensuring that he can meet his dreams in life. He has been a very passionate defender of his rights and has worked towards ensuring that he helps people attain their desired goals.

CasSelle is also lucky to be serving as the president of Opkins which happens to be the top-ranked market for buying and also selling of items from the online video games. He is a leader with excellent skills that have helped him manage his business portfolios with a lot of passion. He has been on the frontline making sure that he helps these companies move to great heights alone. In fact, he has been able to commit his time towards making sure that these businesses become giants in future.

Malcolm CasSelle has been able to serve in various leadership positions of several companies. He has been able to defend his career towards progress passionately and has been able to help as many people as possible achieve in their dreams. Some of the startups he has supported include Xfire and also Media Pass.

Malcolm was also the president of Tronic Inc which was then known as Tribune Publishing. He is a former student of Stanford University was a student of Computer Science. He also went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was able to advance his education. He has found so many companies and is also known to be a great communicator.

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