Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne and Westwood One podcasts companies. He formed Westwood One before creating Westwood One which supplies talk, new events, entertainment, and sports to traditional radio programs all over the Universe. He is essentially a pioneer of the broadcasting industry.

Podcast One launched a mobile software purposely to enable the listeners to appreciate the networks audio program in different ways. The mobile software adds approximately 360-degree video soundtracks and variety of collaborative social tasks. Besides, the software help the users communicate with their hosts and listeners effortlessly. Some of the apps provided by PostcastOne comprises of Appleā€™s App Store, Google Play, and its website. The introduced application will, therefore, help the individuals watch and hear so many shows. Other than that, the shows allow people contribute to the debates and discussions concerning a particular program. It as well offers access to intriguing photographs and favorite articles that are not easily found on the internet. Among other features, the application helps the presenters respond to random and review questions while sending private messages those listening. PodcastOne has also incorporated the new award system inside the mobile system ( The participants might, therefore, be forced to accumulate points and later trade them for a reasonable number of services and bonus features. In fact, the earnings can be used to get discounts on various products, listen and view virtual-reality video or any other unique material.

PodcastOne and Mandt VR have joined together to come up with excellent and outstanding videos in both 360-degrees and virtual reality. The companies have already made more than a thousand videos. Each week Mandt VR and PostcastONE adds a new thing to the collection. The substantial library allows the viewers and listeners enjoy podcasts in an immersive style. More so, individuals can access the footage straight away. The 360-degree and virtual reality videos provide the members a chance to watch live shows, watch recorded programs in studios and also video the videos from a different location while connected to the internet.

Mandt VR Company installed new equipment in all recording studios within PostcastOne. The technology has benefited facilities in Burbank, Beverly Hills Company and New York. Hosts can also continue with their recordings even when away from their studios with the help of this equipment. PodcastOne Company is ranked as one of the leading podcast providers. It has a marketing based business model. The effort exerted between Mand VR, and PodcastOne has however helped in boosting the podcasts. Pattiz, the founder of PodcastOne, appreciate the new technology brought about by Mandt. Pattiz enjoys watching the success of PodcastOne.