OSI Group LLC Various Strategic Acquisitions

OSI Group LLC, is an Aurora based, international privately owned meat processing company began in 1909. During its conception, it was a mere butcher shop with the name Otto & Sons. Since this time and more than a hundred years later, the company has always been keen to deliver the bets and highest quality products. Customer’s satisfaction is one thing that pushes the company to grow and develop. Today the company has sixty five facilities across nineteen countries where they deliver their products. The company enjoys an extensive market, from North America Germany, China, Brazil and Europe.

OSI Group’s commitment to quality and customers’ satisfaction has been awarded severally in the years. Recently, the company scored a five star rating from the British Safety Council. The company won the 2016 Globe of Honor. Moreover, the company has made the Forbes list severally with the latest entry being position 58 as the largest privately owned company. OSI Group unwavering support for the environment, dedication to its employees and clients makes it continue leading and winning awards.

More recently OSI Group announced of their acquisition of the UK’s Flagship Europe, a company that has been providing poultry dressings and sauces to the Europe market for years. The company’s president and chief operating officer, Mr David McDonald added that the acquisition was a strategic move for the company as now they will be able to tap more markets in Europe and expand their services there. Both companies are happy with the acquisition as they are assured of getting the other company’s resources which are useful in expansion.

OSI Group size and the fact that it is the leading meat and food processing company in the United States gives it an upper hand in the market. The company thrives in acquiring other companies and using this to their advantage. In the same year, 2016, OSI Group acquired Baho Foods, a giant food processing company in Netherlands. This also grants the company an opportunity to tap markets in Netherlands and use the resources from the company to reach their goal.

OSI Group LLC, also acquired the fallen Tyson Food Plant. The company, which was based in Chicago had experienced difficulties and was once being closed down with hundreds losing their jobs. However, with the acquisition, the chief executive officer added that they would remodel the facility to conform to their specifications and serve their clients while retaining some of the employees at Giant Food Plant.

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