OSI Group’s Amazing Global Operations

OSI Group is a privately held company based in the United States. The company supplies customized food products to some of the leading retail food brands across the world. Some of the outstanding capabilities of OSI Group include a well-organized supply chain management, effective distribution network, and global operations. OSI Group currently has about 65 facilities operating in 17 countries. The company has also offered employment opportunities to more than 20,000 employees. The company aims to keep growing by ensuring consistency and responsiveness. OSI Group also ensures that all its customers get high-quality experience regardless of their location.

Most international food brands trust OSI Group in terms of food quality and safety thus ensuring brand security. OSI designs and manages the distribution system to build its reputation and to protect other brands that rely on their food products. The company has a highly qualified quality assurance team that ensures compliance with certain details, arrange for safe transportation, and develop tracking systems. Most of the companies that buy products from OSI Group trust their good name in it. OSI Group follows strict quality measures in the production of food products to repay the trust.

The company follows stringent policies that ensure that quality is not compromised under any circumstances. OSI Group thus sets high standards that exceed regulatory requirements as well as customer expectations. The company measures its supplies against the standards it sets. OSI Food Solutions regularly conducts food safety, animal welfare, HACCP, and GMP audits. The firm also applies innovative procedures and employs advanced technologies in its operations.

OSI Group made a great achievement by successfully acquiring a Dutch food manufacturer, Baho Food. Baho Food is one of the leading Dutch manufacturing companies offering snacks and deli meats. According to the president and CEO of OSI Group, it was important for OSI Group to acquire Baho Food so as to increase its presence in different parts of Europe. He added that Baho Food produces food products that match those offered by OSI Group. David noted that the move would help to broaden the capabilities of OSI Group.

Baho Food operates in different countries such as the Netherlands and Germany. The company’s five subsidiaries include Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life, Vital Convenience, and Gelderland Frischwaren. All the five companies serve clients in more than 18 European countries. John Balvers who served as the managing director of Baho Food will continue working with OSI Group’s top officials.

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