Sujit Choudhry Explains How The U.S. Democracy Could Be UNder Threat

Professor Sujit Choudhry recently published a new book chapter entitled, “A Disintegrating Democracy” published by the Oxford University Press ( Professor Choudhry bases his new chapter of a Tweet from former Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder who discussed the possible options open to the public should President Trump make the decision to fire Special […]

OSI Group’s Amazing Global Operations

OSI Group is a privately held company based in the United States. The company supplies customized food products to some of the leading retail food brands across the world. Some of the outstanding capabilities of OSI Group include a well-organized supply chain management, effective distribution network, and global operations. OSI Group currently has about 65 […]

The History of Dr. Mark McKenna’s Success

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed Medical Doctor who practices in Atlanta, Georgia. He is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. After he graduated from Tulane University Medical School, Dr. Mark McKenna began to work alongside his father. Additionally, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, a firm that focused on developing boutique real estate. Within a few […]

Clay Siegall: More Than A Doctor

The name Clay Siegall may not be too familiar for most people, but the Clay Siegall of cancer research is widely known in this exclusive community. Siegall, and his company Seattle Genetics has been waging war against cancer for two decades. There have been some wins at times and there have been some loses at […]

Heal N Soothe Arthritis With These Tips

More than 22 percent of adults across the United States of America suffer from joint pain. Arthritis has been the main culprit of joint pain in adults for years. If you are looking for ways to remedy your arthritis you have lots of company. One in every four adults struggle with arthritis and in finding […]