Patty Rocklage and Her Contribution to the Society

For a woman with the heart for successful families, Patty Rocklage will win an award any day for her immense contribution to the most important unity in society; family. If you are still wondering who Patty Rocklage is, she is an experienced, highly accomplished family and marriage therapist who derives her joy from helping struggling couples soldier through the many challenging life situations.Patty Rocklage qualification as a Psychotherapist was earned from USC in 1981. Ever since her graduation, patty has been able to serve the citizens of Massachusetts wining them with her warm and friendly communication skill for more than twenty years.

Patty is married to one happy husband Scott Rocklage. Through her family, Patty has been able to portray the unity of marriage hence building her career in the best way possible. Thanks to this bond, the couple have been able to do things together as should be the case in any loving marriage. One instance of special mention is their philanthropic contribution towards the refurbishment of the MIT chemist labs.Dr. Scott, Patty’s husband is an established researcher who spent most of his PhD research works in the MIT chemistry department laboratories under the stewardship of Richard R. Schrock. As a way of showing their appreciation to the society, Patty Rocklage and her husband Scott contributed generously towards the renovation and upgrades of the labs. This philanthropic contribution was greatly appreciated by the MIT fraternity, more so the chemistry department as the couples were hauled with praises, and their names engraved on a monument.

The Rocklage’s home

Arguably, a home is the unity symbol of a happy family. A happy home always stays together. Amidst the many gift Patty Rocklage her husband fondly shared with the world, one happily found its way back home to them in form of a home renovation. The proof of the matter is the fact that their home is a key case study feature at one of the leading home remodeling companies, Sudbury Companies. At the time the Rockloge were looking for a company to handle there renovations, Sudbury showed up and true to the course they did not disappoint!When talking about Patty Rocklage, all the above points are important to the discussion. In addition, her influence in the family unit should always be given a special attention.