Paul Mampilly Shows Small Town America How To Invest Wisely

While some people love the hectic life that comes with being a player on Wall Street, after years of success Paul Mampilly decided that he’d had enough of that career and decided to retire from it. While he is no longer on Wall Street, his new career path is related to his former career. He still gives investment advice, but this time he wants to be able to help people who aren’t already rich. He wants to be able to help middle America live comfortably.

Paul Mampilly has made a fortune for people who already had a fortune to begin with and he wanted to help Main Street America instead. He believes that wealth should be spread around and through his advice, he is able to help this happen. Now, a wide audience is able to read his advice and decide on important investments into their future. At one point, he was helping the 1%, now he is helping the rest of the United States.

The story of Paul Mampilly starts in a small village in India, which might not be someplace most people would expect a story like his to begin. Nevertheless, he managed to get an impressive college education before relocating to Bombay. It was still a challenge to live in this city financially so he eventually made the dedication to move to Dubai with his family. At this point in time, there had recently been oil discovered in the sands around the city. There were business opportunities everywhere and he was ready to take his.

The lifestyle he and his sister were living was something that his parents probably never could have imagined for them. Paul Mampilly took to his investment strategy aggressively when he relocating and had faith in his abilities during this properly timed investment. Both he and his sister were able to earn college degrees which was a considerable accomplishment for an Indian family from a small village. He attended Montclair State University and graduated in 1991. He began his college education in 1986 and earned his B.B.A. before later earning his MBA at Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

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