Paul Mampilly Uses His Knowledge as an Investor to Issue Investment Advice

Paul Mampilly worked in the finance sector for many years before becoming an investor. Although Mampilly had a successful career in organizations such as Wall Street where he worked as a portfolio manager, he felt the need to redirect his expertise elsewhere. Mampilly is also a well-known publisher at the Banyan Hill. He emanates his knowledge as an investor through his newsletter that goes by the name “Profits Unlimited.”

Mampilly enrolled at the Montclair State University where he graduated in 1991 with an undergraduate degree in business administration. Later on, he joined the Fordham University where he graduated with an MBA. After submitting his curriculum vitae to multiple organization, Paul Mampilly landed a position at the Bankers Trust Company. He worked as an assistant portfolio manager, and he was later promoted to a full portfolio manager. Thereafter, he began working as a research assistant at the Deutsche Bank. Throughout his working experience, he gained more insight into viable investments, and he also acquired good research skills.

After working at the Deutsche Bank for some time, Mampilly started serving as a senior research analyst at ING. His prowess earned him lots of promotions, and he even managed huge investments accounts, and he was also interacting with portfolios that were worth millions of dollars.Paul Mampilly later started working at the Kinetics Assets Management as a hedge fund manager. While working at the company, he managed over $25 billion in terms of assets. Paul Mampilly has also worked at Wall Street, and he was also in charge of managing the holdings of institutions such as Sears, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

As an investor, Mampilly has been charged with identifying businesses that have the potential to grow exponentially. Back in the day, he was among the few investors that saw the potential in business entities such as Netflix and Facebook. Although he did not invest in either of the mentioned companies, he invested in a start-up company known as Sarepta Therapeutics, an organization that dealt with muscular dystrophy treatments. Mampilly also invested a substantial amount of money in Google’s IPO. Since Mampilly knew what he was doing, he has reaped huge amounts of money from such investments.

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