PodcastOne’s Chairman Norman Pattiz Releases the Results of the First Study Ever Conducted for Podcast Advertisers

National Radio Hall of Fame inductee, Norman Pattiz established a reputation in the broadcasting industry engaging audiences while listening to modern syndication. He has contributed 36 years providing programs for sports, entertainment, news, and traffic as founder of Westwood One. Presently, Mr. Pattiz is serving as Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, the largest digital audio network supporting advertisers.

He announced publicly, in a PR Newswire press release published, on February 9th, 2017, that the network has the results of the podcast advertisers studies. The studies were conducted by Tom Webster, the vice-president of strategy at Edison Research.

It’s the first research study ever for podcast advertisers of pre-campaign and post-campaign brand lifts. Edison Research conducted the studies from July through December of 2016 and reported the results showed a positive influence on podcast advertising, significantly. One study revealed that listeners who mentioned a specific grocery brand increased by seven percent, from pre-campaign to post-campaign, to 60 percent.

Norman Pattiz also released the results of the pre-study and post-study comparison of unaided product awareness in three product categories. Financial services product increased 47 percent, lawn & garden product increased by 24 percent, and automobile increased by 37 percent.

An analysis of another study found awareness of a specific campaign message for a casual dinner increased 72 percent, from pre-study to post-study. There was a 60 percent increase for an automobile aftermarket product.

Edison Research conducted three separate studies, in 2016, for PodcastOne to evaluate the efficiency of podcast advertising. Five national brands were studied while running the podcast advertising campaign. The study concluded there was an increase in the audiences surveyed willingness to consider buying the brands.

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, in 2010, as an on demand digital audio network providing solutions to advertisers for creating content, distribution, integrating brands. PodcastOne has a breaking record of more than 1.5 million yearly downloads and 350 weekly production of episodes.

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Norman Pattiz led Westwood One, from 1974 to 2010, serving as chief executive officer and chairman of the board. He now leads the largest radio network in the nation, PodcastOne. It is becoming more popular among brands and very useful for advertisers, as the first and latest studies reveal by Edison Research.