Sahm Adrangi Leads Kerrisdale Management Capital in Shorting and Exposing Fraudulent Companies

Sahm Adrangi is the CIO at Kerrisdale Management Capital, which he founded in 2009. He started his career in finance credit by working as an analyst at Deustche Bank. From here, he proceeded to Chanin Capital Partners followed by Longacre Fund Management LLC where he also worked as an analyst. Sahm Adrangi made a name for himself in the industry by shortselling and publishing research. He has over the years shorted and exposed fraudulent companies such as China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and another Chinese firm China-Biotics. Some of his other Chinese targets have had enforcement actions taken against them by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Company Leadership and Focus

Since founding Kerrisdale Management Capital, has been involved in all aspects of the company’s development. Starting with under $1 million, he has grown the company to manage over $150 million by July 2017. Under his leadership, the firm has been conducting and availing research on different companies and industries. Of late, however, he has steered the company to focus on sectors in which it has developed expertise such as the biotechnology and mining sectors. In the biotechnology sector, the company has been focusing on development stage companies such as Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, and Bavarian Nordic, among others. The firm has also released various reports in the telecommunication sector bringing into question and exposing weaknesses in some such as Globalstar. Kerrisdale Management Capital and Sahm Adrangi share the same views on stocks misunderstood by the market, such as overhyped shorts and under-followed longs.

Additional Information

In addition to being a finance expert, Sahm Adrangi is a world-acclaimed writer and researcher. He has written for the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek, among many others. He is also a respected speaker who has participated in numerous conferences such as the Activist Investor Conference and the Sohn Conference, among others. In 2016, he led his company in raising funds worth $100 million aimed at betting against a single stock, which would short the stock of a particular public company. This fund was a first of its kind and had never been witnessed before.