Securus Technologies find success with new app for inmates

Securus Technologies is a popular call provider for inmates that has developed a way for inmates to stay in contact with their family members and friends more visually. This technology company has developed an app that allows inmates to communicate visually. In addition to developing a very useful app, the technology company has revealed that it has found much success with the new application called the Securus Video Visitation app.
The new application was launched about 6 months ago and according to PR Newswire, it has already had about 65,000 downloads. Five-thousand of these downloads were to Apple devices and the other 60,000 were downloaded to Android powered phones and/or tablets.

The Securus Video Visitation app has become a godsend for some inmates and their families. Some families are not able to visit their loved one or friend locked behind bars due to financial or physical reasons. This application provides a way for inmates to visit family and friends and even participate in special events. For example, with the assistance of the Securus Video Visitation app, the locked up family member will be able to attend a family reunion (Watch the ad here: The application allows the inmate to be a part of the excitement. People will be able to see him or her on the mobile device and the inmate will be able to see them.

The PR Newswire article also revealed that Securus Technologies is a household name to over 3,400 facilities. This technology company provides services to more than 1,200,000 inmates in the United States. In addition to providing ways for inmates to communicate with their family, Securus Technologies also provide products and services that help to improve the safety in the prisons and outside of the prisons. This company helps to insure that the inmates are closely monitored and that they as well as the facility staff are protected from danger. The services and products offered also ensure that inmates are not able to escape the facility.