Securus Technologies Keeping Criminals in Prisons

When there is a fugitive on the loose in the city, my team of officers is there to bring them back into custody. This fugitive that we were searching for was especially dangerous, and has already held a homeowner at gunpoint before taking their money and car. The car was abandoned by the beach, and we had a team already in position to set up a perimeter until we could pin the fugitive down.


As the night passed, we grew nervous our suspect was picked up and helped to a safe house to wait us out. We did not have the luxury of waiting for him to resurface, so we took to the local jail to try and create some luck of our own. The inmates are not much help when you talk to them directly, but knowing Securus Technologies recently put their call monitoring system in this facility, we had a fighting chance.


Securus Technologies has thousands of inmate call monitoring systems in prisons all over the country, and they allow officers the ability to hear the inmates talking on the phones in a new light. Now we can be in one are talking to inmates, while the LBS software is scanning all the calls for chatter on any subject.


No sooner did we get working on the software, we got a hit from one of the inmates. Comes to be that this inmate was days away from release, and he wanted to make sure our fugitive did not leave the city without him. Regardless the reason, we waited until a location was revealed, and we waited until the fugitive showed up to rest for the night before splitting our city the next day. Without the help of the Securus Technologies monitoring system, we would have never been able to connect the dots in this case.