Securus Technology Excited About The Acquisition Of GovPayNet

Robert Pickens was proud to announce that Securus had recently purchased GovPayNet. This purchase helped Securus boost their electronic payments each year to more than 40 millions payments a year. Robert Pickens is the president of Secrus Technologies. He was ecstatic about these two companies joining together because they are now able to provide their customers with more products and services. Securus has received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and they have also been recognized several times over the years for being one of the best in the field of business. Mark MacKenzie is the Chief Executive Officer of GovPayNet. Mark MacKenzie also spoke publicly about this partnership, and he was pretty excited about the partnership as well. Mark stated that the two companies will be able to expand their revenue and add on more services to their companies.


GovPayNet was started in the late 1900s and the company has been doing well. The company is responsible for processing payments for different government related reasons. Some of these reasons include taxes, towing fees, impound fees, court fees, tickets, electronic monitoring fees, probation fees, and many other types of fees as well. The company was one of the first companies to start processing electronic payments, such as credit cards.


GovPayNet was founded by a law enforcement professional who happens to be a retired sheriff. Together, GovPayNet and Securus is the perfect partnership. Securus has been one of the largest and best technology center within the country. Securus provides most jails and prisons throughout the country with their telecommunication services. Securus also provides different law enforcement professionals with modern tools that are needed to fully investigate crimes and different problems effectively. Both presidents of both companies were very pleased with the partnership. Many of Securus’ consumers can’t wait to use their new technology.